Fast, secure and stable 5G internet connection for the office

A challenge that many companies in the Netherlands face is having a good internet connection in the office. An unstable, unreliable or simply slow internet connection can have major consequences for your business. For example, it can affect the efficiency of your business processes. By doing so, you are not only wasting time but also money. The use of a 5G router for primary internet or as a backup with fiber/copper can be the solution in many cases.

5G Fixed Wireless Access

This is also the case at Capestone. At its headquarters in Leiden, the Netherlands, Capestone runs entirely on a 5G mobile internet solution. Jos Ouwerkerk, Managing Director at Capestone says: “When Capestone moved to this office in 2020 there was no cable for fixed internet. Installing a fixed line is very expensive and takes a long time. Therefore, the choice for Fixed Wireless Access was quickly made. Our 5G internet solution consists of the E3000 5G router from Cradlepoint with dual 5G modem which enables us to technically separate business critical applications from other data traffic without having to compromise on bandwidth. The 5G modems are connected to the internet by Comgate M2M/IoT sim cards including a fixed IP address on the KPN IoT and T-Mobile Netherlands network with 1TB of 5G data per month each.

capestone kantoor

Load balancing for a redundant Internet connection

The E3000 5G router is suitable as a permanent or temporary internet facility for companies thanks to a dual 5G modem, WiFi 6 and 5 LAN/WAN ports.

A Cradlepoint MC500 Modem is connected in the router to add an additional modem but also additional SIM card slots. In this way Capestone has set up a backup connection, and Load Balancing is enabled. A Load Balancing router attempts to share the available broadband connections between the multiple devices/users. For example, if there are two employees who are in a Teams Meeting at the same time, a Load Balancing router should route the traffic for the first user along the first network connection, while the second network connection is used for the second user. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud also allows Capestone to set filters to indicate which websites, applications or software should go over which sim. In this way it is easy to prioritize certain activities by having them run through one specific SIM card by default.

Cradlepoint E3000 | 5G Router
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To fully cover the internal network, a 48 port PoE switch is connected to the E3000 router. With the switch Capestone connects different devices on the same network. In this way all these devices such as printers, VoIP or the server can communicate with each other. In addition, Capestone has several Ubiquiti WiFi 6 Access Points connected to the switch. By placing the access points in different locations within the office, employees can be sure that there is a fast WiFi connection in every room.


For connectivity, Capestone uses the Truly Unlimited propositions from IoT Service Provider, and sister company, Comgate. For the primary connection, the KPN IoT Truly Unlimited data bundle is used. As a backup, Capestone uses the T-Mobile Truly Unlimited data bundle. Mike Nicolai, Support Engineer at Capestone says: “A big advantage of the KPN IoT Truly Unlimited proposition is that we can set a fixed IP address. This ensures that I can solve any network problems remotely. In addition, it is also easier to build in security protocols with a fixed IP address.”

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