Mobile Broadband Kit in combinatie met Cradlepoint routers

Having access to a stable and secure internet connection anywhere in the world is not always obvious. Certainly not at temporary and/or remote locations in combination with extreme conditions and where no fixed line is available. However, it often happens that military personnel on a mission, construction workers or pop-up test locations in these kinds of places need access to the internet. At the end of 2021, Capestone has included the Mobile Broadband Kit (MBK) from 4K Solutions to its portfolio especially for these applications.

The MBK is a 4G LTE/5G solution that is ideal for customers who need a high-speed Mobile Broadband solution for applications in vehicles, events, remote construction sites and mobile command units. The kit comes as a ruggedized case and is designed specifically for Cradlepoint routers. Benefits of the kit include: high battery life, up to 85 WiFi users/clients, comprehensive security capabilities and extremely fast setup. It is a unique solution for partners selling to the public sector, event market, automotive and maritime sectors.


Mobile Broadband Kits

Capestone distributes the Mobile Broadband Kits (MBK) in combination with Cradlepoint 4G/5G routers to provide total solutions to companies and organizations that need fast, secure and reliable mobile internet solutions. You can purchase the case with a Cradlepoint IBR1700 or IBR900 4G router or the R1900 5G router. The kits are also available without a Cradlepoint router so that you can implement your own hardware. Using the world’s 4G LTE / 5G networks, customers can use the MBK for hospital and medical operations, clinics, engineering work, running their businesses, emergency responders, fire brigades and defense units.

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Extended network range

Unlike a standard hotspot with a range of less than 30 meters, the MBK has a proven maximum range of 280m. In addition, the built-in power supply can work between 4 to 14 hours without recharging (depending on the chosen version).

Connectivity and Security

The Kit can provide Wi-Fi to groups of 50 to 85 people in areas not normally covered by Wi-Fi or Mobile Broadband. You also have the option to protect your network by means of a VPN, Firewall or other security measures.

Global deployability of the MBKs

The Mobile Broadband Kits can be deployed worldwide, from Eastern Europe, Mongolia, Africa, Afghanistan to Korea and Asia. The MBK-900, 1700 and 1900 are ideal for industries where flexibility and portability apply:

  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Business travelers
  • First aid
  • Internet Service Recovery
  • Medical “Crash” Kits
  • Military operations
  • Telemedicine

MBK variants

The Mobile Broadband Kits with Cradlepoint 4G router come standard with an LTE Advanced 600 Mbps 4G LTE modem, WiFi, GPS, dual SIM and NetCloud Manager. The MBK with 5G router has one integrated LAN port for connecting a PoE switch and a WAN port for connecting a landline to the 4G router as a backup if needed. ​​​​​​It also offers 802.11 WiFi 6 wireless and Ethernet network options.​​​​​​ Below you can read the specifications of the three different versions.

All-in One solution

You also have the option to purchase the MBK including 4G/5G router, 4G/5G data subscription for the Netherlands and Europe as a Managed Service. This total solution can be rented per week or per month.

Would you like more information about these MBK variants? Contact or call 085 111 0838.

Includes Sonim XP8 Smartphone

Capestone also offers the option to expand the MBK IBR1700 with 4 Sonim XP8 devices. This device is ideal for use in extreme conditions such as: cold, heat, moisture or dust. The smartphone is also IP68, IP69 and MIL-STD810G certified. And because of the alarm button, the Push-to-Talk button and many options for using your own apps, the Sonim XP8 is also ideal for lone workers, such as: security guards, construction workers, professional drivers and care providers.

Capestone roadshow

In the autumn of 2021, Robert de Jager and Patrick Eijsackers started the Capestone Roadshow. Together with the Mobile Broadband Kit, they visited partners for a cup of coffee and of course a demonstration! Because the Mobile Broadband Kit is a “Grab & Go” All-in One solution, they could quickly and easily show how the case works and what benefits it has.

One of these partners was: MCT. With a broad portfolio of telecom and ICT services, MCT’s mission is to make organizations more efficient and productive. Like Capestone, they closely monitor trends and developments in the market, which quickly sparked interest in SMEs and now even delivers to customers. Are you, like MCT, also interested in a demonstration of the Mobile Broadband Kit? Robert de Jager and Patrick Eijsackers would like to get in touch! If you are interested, please send an email to, call 085 111 0838 or fill in the contact form below.

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