Zyxels 5G Fixed Wireless Access Solutions

Several network manufacturers are coming out with 5G products. One of them is Zyxel. They specialize with their portfolio on 5G Fixed Wireless Access solutions for Small Office, Home Office, temporary / pop-up locations, construction sites, vacation parks and SMEs.

With 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), the end user can access the Internet permanently via a 4G/5G connection. A 5G FWA solution is best compared to a wireless fiber connection, mainly intended for locations where the construction of a fixed connection is not feasible due to high costs or the geographical characteristics of the location. Think of remote locations, such as; meadows, mountains, newly built neighborhoods and other outdoor areas that are difficult to reach. A Fixed Wireless connection is then often the only solution. Capestone distributes the 5G routers and mifi of Zyxel within the entire European Union. The entire portfolio is supplied to resellers, system integrators, business customers, ISPs, government institutions and service providers. In addition, our partners are offered training, project support, product delivery and technical support. All this in close cooperation with the Zyxel regional Benelux office.

Read more about Zyxels 5G portfolio and its various applications in this article.

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The 5G offering from Zyxel

Zyxel offers a broad product portfolio of 5G NR devices – outdoor, indoor and portable – suitable for a range of applications and a variety of network infrastructures. For example, the Zyxel NR2101 is a convenient 5G MiFi with a high download speed and an extensive set of frequency bands so that the mobile router can be deployed in many places around the world. Here you can think of campsites, public transport or other temporary locations.

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Primary Internet connection for temporary locations with the Zyxel NR5101

The Zyxel 5G NR5101 router can be used as a primary network connection, but can also act as a backup for the current network. The NR5101 is ideal for 5G Fixed Wireless Access applications thanks to its high throughput. This makes the Indoor router suitable for temporary locations such as: pop-up locations, events or office buildings where people are waiting for fiber.

A good example of this powerful 5G router in a temporary location was during a major event in Taiwan this year. During the event, it was important that the 360-degree cameras could live stream 4K panoramic videos without delay. The event organization went in search of a suitable solution and found it in Zyxels NR5101 5G router. The router’s high speeds and low latency allowed the 360-degree cameras to live stream 4K panoramic videos without delay. The 5G mobile Internet solution provided seamless 5G connectivity with sufficient bandwidth, even in locations with thousands of simultaneous users. This ensured an optimal user experience without worrying about Internet interruptions or outages.

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24/7 monitoring of construction sites with Zyxel 5G Outdoor router

In addition to the Indoor 5G router, Zyxel also has an Outdoor variant in its portfolio: the NR7101. The outdoor router features industrial qualities and with its outdoor-friendly design is weatherproof against: IP68: water, dust, dirt and sand. This makes this 5G router ideal for use at construction sites where 24/7 video surveillance is required.

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Installing surveillance systems on construction sites can be a big challenge. Mainly due to the poor quality of the images and mediocre monitoring. Only a stable and uninterrupted connection with a backup option offers the possibility of recording and storing crystal clear visual images. The NR7101 router provides the necessary speed and reliability that surveillance cameras demand. For example, the Zyxel outdoor router has download speeds higher than 5 Gbps on the 5G network and up to 2 Gbps on the 4G mobile network. And because the router is Dual SIM, you can implement a backup SIM card so that a redundant Internet connection can be set up. Furthermore, Zyxels 5G routers have their own platform: the Nebula Control Center. This makes remote management possible. In this way, small technical problems can be quickly spotted and solved. Ideal for companies that have deployed 5G solutions at different locations.

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Fixed Wireless Access in the Outdoors

On the other hand, the N75101 can also be implemented as part of a Fixed Wireless Access setup where the router is extended with a switch and access points to create a complete wireless network. This application can provide the solution for companies in rural areas where no fixed internet connection is possible. Examples include vacation and recreational parks. The Zyxel Outdoor router together with a 5G Outdoor Antenna can capture the 5G connection and distribute it throughout the park via different access points. In this way, visitors can enjoy a fast and stable internet connection anywhere on the property.

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Zyxel Nebula Control Center

Since 2016, Zyxel has its own (free) platform with now also a seamless intergration for the routers: NR5101 and NR7101 called: Nebula Control Center (NCC). With the Nebula Control Center you can remotely connect to the ZyXEL router and monitor and manage it without any complexity. Through the website or app, you will be presented with a clear dashboard with information about the connected users, the number of connected devices, the status of the network and the activities within the network.

The NCC provides 24×7 monitoring over the entire network and gives administrators real-time and historical overviews of activities. Furthermore, the NCC is equipped with a number of security tools that provide optimal protection for networks, devices and users.

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