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Last week summer time officially started. For many Dutch people, this is the starting signal to go on the road again with their motorhome or caravan. Every year, more than 550,000 households take a caravan or motorhome on vacation at home and/or abroad. These vehicles are nowadays increasingly sophisticated and optimized into real five-star hotels on wheels. Of course, a fast and stable internet connection is a must.

Capestone has years of experience in providing mobile internet for vehicles such as buses and trucks. But what you might not have known is that we also offer customized solutions for motor homes and caravans. With a 4G/5G router or mifi, external antenna and connectivity from Comgate, an internet connection can be created very easily. And the wifi of the campsite or satellite dish is no longer necessary. An excellent opportunity for this service as a motorhome / caravan salesman or rental company to offer customers. In this way you can completely unburden your customers and ensure that they can access the Internet anywhere in Europe! In this Technology article we would like to inform you about the different hardware and connectivity options for mobile internet for motor homes and caravans. We also give the floor to Gerard Willems of De Greeff Caravan-Recreatie, specialists in the sale of caravans and motor homes. Recently they started working with the mobile internet solution of Capestone.

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4G/5G hardware for vehicles

Until recently, campers were assigned to using a satellite dish or the campsite’s Wi-Fi. But this does not offer the ideal solution for many users. For example, a satellite dish has a high initial cost and always needs to be reinstalled upon arrival at a destination. Campsite wifi, on the other hand, is often free or for a small fee but does not always have high coverage or the desired speed. With a 4G/5G internet solution, Capestone ensures that campers are never again dependent on poor campsite wifi and have a secure internet connection everywhere.

4G/5G mifi or router

To realize mobile internet in a campervan or caravan, you can choose a 4G/5G router or mifi. With a mifi you can easily set up a mobile internet connection for your laptop or tablet. Do you want to be sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection everywhere? Then it’s best to choose a 4G/5G router with an external antenna. The 4G/5G routers of Capestone generally have a higher upload and download speed than a mifi. Do you also want to have a backup connection? Then you can choose a dual sim router. Finally, it is important that the routers for vehicles are robust and compact and that they can withstand vibrations and shocks. Capestone offers routers from Teltonika Networks and Cradlepoint for this application. When you choose for a router it is recommended to mount it in the vehicle using a DIN rail. In this way you are assured that the router will not move during the journey.

External antenna

To capture or strengthen the connection better, you can use an external antenna. For use in RVs and caravans, an omni antenna is recommended. A great advantage of a 4G omni antenna is that you always catch an internet signal, when you do not know exactly where the 4G signal is coming from. The antenna sends and receives signals 360 degrees around the antenna. Useful when you don’t know exactly where the signal is coming from. Great for vehicles where the location keeps changing.

Would you like to know more about the advantages and specifications of the hardware? Or are you looking for customization for your use case? Please contact sales on 085 111 0838 or send an e-mail to

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Mobile broadband throughout Europe

Besides the above hardware, you also need a matching data SIM card. In cooperation with our sister company Comgate we offer different propositions for the use in the Netherlands or Europe. For our Mobile Broadband subscriptions we work together with several network providers, characterized by their high coverage and uptime. Because not every customer and IoT project is the same, our subscriptions are scalable and network independent for more flexibility. The coverage can sometimes differ per provider per country, therefore it can also be advisable to use multiple subscription plans. This way you always have the best connection available.

To provide worry-free access to the mobile network in the Netherlands, the “Comgate 4G/5G Real Unlimited NL” sim card is ideal. This subscription offers the highest data speed available in the Netherlands, with no daily limit. Instead of an upgrade to 5G, this subscription is standard 5G and backwards compatible with 4G. So you are fully prepared; 5G is the solution of the future.

For connectivity in Europe, Comgate offers various data plans in collaboration with KPN IoT or T-Mobile. Want to know more about the possibilities of connectivity in Europe? Our sales team is happy to assist you.

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Satisfied partner

De Greeff from Grave is a caravan and recreation company specialized in the sale of caravans and campers. In the past years it has grown into one of the top 10 caravan companies in the Netherlands. This year De Greeff started selling mobile internet solutions as an additional service package.

Gerard Willems, Aftersales & Parts manager at De Greeff
“To meet all our customer’s needs, we have recently started offering Teltonika 4G routers with an external antenna and connectivity. For example, one of our customers was looking for a better internet connection in his caravan to work. The previous router did not give the desired results; the wifi was slow and the reception poor. As a solution, we built the Teltonika RUTX14 and Poynting 5 in 1 MIMO antenna for the customer in the caravan. Now he can do his work from any location and even stream Netflix or Youtube.”
Gerard Willems, Aftersales & Parts manager at De Greeff

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