Create easily a M2M/IoT solution using a 4G USB dongle

Did you know that there are many IoT projects that go on-hold or even stop because market participants do not select the right combination of mobile hardware and M2M/IoT connectivity?

Capestone sees that IoT projects can differ a lot from each other. To always offer the best solution to your customer, customization is often required. For example, with every project you have to choose between a gateway, router, PCB or a 4G USB dongle. But when do you choose which device? As a specialized value added distributor of 4G/5G Wireless WAN and IoT, Capestone i.c.w. Comgate IoT offers total solutions for the implementation of this hardware and IoT connectivity for all kinds of use cases and verticals. This includes 4G USB dongles.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a 4G USB dongle?

When choosing the right 4G USB dongle, there are several components to consider. It is wrong to think that every 4G USB dongle can and will work in a device with an USB port. It is important to know in advance/ ask yourself these questions;

  • What is the application? Is it permanent internet for IoT devices, or just temporary? Or does the dongle serve as a 4G backup for a router or firewall?
  • Which OS does the 4G USB dongle support? And is it compatible with the device in which the dongle will be placed?
  • Is the 4G USB dongle eUICC compatible? This way you can, for example, remotely change the Comgate eSIM profile. This is very useful for large deployments where you can no longer (easily) swap the SIM card.
  • Do you want to be able to read information from the dongle? You can think of signal strength, uptime, etc.
  • Is the environment suitable for the dongle? For example, will it be placed in a robust industrial environment?
  • Does the dongle need to have external 4G connectors? And if so, which ones (SMA, TS9)?

Will you soon be starting a project where 4G dongles may be relevant, and are you not sure which device you can best implement? Our sales engineers will gladly think along with you!

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Capestone 4G & IoT dongle portfolio

Capestone distributes the full 4G/5G Mobile Broadband (MBB) portfolio of Huawei and TCL (formerly Alcatel) within Europe to manufacturers, system integrators, MSPs, mobile network operators and telecom & ICT partners. Both vendors have an extensive specialization in 4G USB dongles for applications such as Connect Devices, Enterprise, Industrial IoT and Backup.

Use cases Capestone 4G USB Dongles

4G Backup for routers and firewall

The TCL IK41 is widely used by Internet Service Providers and MNOs as a 4G back-up for the fixed internet connection. Think about connecting a FortiGate firewall to the 4G network so that the customer always has access to a secure, reliable and redundant internet connection.

The 4G USB dongle supports the IoT connectivity solutions based on the GSMA’s eUICC standards, provided by subsidiary and IoT service provider Comgate. This gives your customer access to all three networks in the Netherlands and at least two networks per country outside the Netherlands. You will also receive a connectivity management platform and APIs for further integration into your business processes.

Connected devices

The market of ‘Connected Devices’ is growing enormously within the sales channels of Capestone and its partners. Manufacturers of routers, air conditioners, e-bikes but also printers are massively connected to the smart IoT solutions of Capestone and Comgate. These manufacturers are not only using 4G IoT routers with embedded eSIM technology, but also 4G USB dongles for ‘instant internet’ for their devices worldwide. The TCL IK41 is ideally suited for this.

Enterprise connectivity

In addition to the IoT solutions, 4G USB dongles also provide mobile internet in laptops for business users and consumers. The Huawei E3372 and TCL IK40 USB dongles deliver standard LTE Cat.4 data connectivity and are easy to use. Plug the dongle into a laptop and you can use 4G LTE internet anywhere.

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