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Teltonika Networks Remote Management System (RMS) is an all-in-one IoT platform that provides a smart solution to stay completely remote, secure and reliably informed about your entire connected solution. With the Teltonika Remote Management System, you can easily manage and monitor your Teltonika routers and gateways, including all RUT and TRB devices, online. Even if they don’t have a public IP address. You can also use RMS Connect to connect to the device behind the router, such as an IP camera, laptops or industrial computers running Linux or Windows, for example. In addition, Teltonika offers VPN and API capabilities with RMS.

To get you acquainted with RMS, Teltonika Networks offers you a free 30-day trial for any new device. This way you can try the Remote Management System for free for a month! Learn more about the free trial and the benefits of RMS below.

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Remote Management System Elements

To meet every customer requirement, Teltonika offers different functionalities of Remote Management System that are available separately, so you can choose only what your business needs and save costs. Below we explain the elements of RMS to you.


Full control and monitoring of your entire fleet of Teltonika Networks routers and gateways is one of the key features that Remote Management System (RMS) provides. In addition to ensuring the availability and security of your devices, RMS Management offers many features to save your time and costs while managing everything remotely – even without Public IP!


RMS Connect is an access system, which allows you to reach and control smart devices remotely with RMS. If your PLC, industrial PC, security camera, point of sale system or any other “smart” device is reachable through one of the RMS-compatible routers or gateways, you can access it with RMS Connect without Public IP or additional VPN services!


We know how tedious it can be to manage large-scale networks with multiple devices. Teltonika has designed RMS VPN so you can easily set up a VPN connection to your entire infrastructure. Now you can remotely, simply and securely reach multiple endpoints at once without having to worry about configuring different protocols or setting up servers.


With RMS API, your IoT platform can communicate directly with RMS and get the exact data and functionality you need. As with other RMS services, we want to give you complete control over your solution and RMS API takes that to the next level.

Why choose RMS?

RMS offers you a powerful remote access and management solution that can save you or your customer time and operational costs. The RMS system is indispensable when you want to deploy larger numbers of routers and manage them remotely as much as possible. We highlight some of the RMS functionalities below:

Real-time Alarmsystem

With RMS you have the possibility to set up your own Real-time alarm system. This allows you to set up e-mail alerts to stay informed about what is happening to your devices. You can configure special alerts for different events, such as mobile signal strength dropping below a certain threshold, status changes or a device leaving/entering a defined GPS location.

Furthermore, RMS can help you improve the performance and efficiency of your network. Namely, you have the option to set up a customized reporting system that includes information on relevant device parameters. These reporting tools can help to improve the performance of your network. For example, with elements such as router availability, performance and exceptions. Knowing how your network is performing allows you to anticipate.

Save costs with over-the-air firmware (FOTA) and configuration updates

Deploy the desired configuration template or new firmware version to multiple routers or groups of routers at the same time. This over-the-air bulk upgrade (FOTA) and configuration provides significant cost savings.

Security and accessibility

Even routers without a public IP address can be managed remotely with RMS, you save on system maintenance costs and increase their effectiveness. The communication between the routers and the main server is secured by a hardcoded OpenVPN connection, which requires no configuration and guarantees a secure exchange of data.

Try RMS now for free for 30 days

Teltonika Networks is offering a free 30-day trial period for each new device, so you can try RMS for free for a month! After the trial period is over, it costs one RMS credit to enjoy the RMS Management service for an additional 30 days. Please note: The license will automatically renew as long as you have credits in your account.

Are you interested in a month of free RMS from Teltonika? You can create a free RMS account via the RMS Portal. When you add your device to the RMS you can immediately use your 30 days of free access.

RMS Connect & VPN

When it comes to accessing other devices via Teltonika routers and gateways, you need Teltonika data. Teltonika offers a free allowance of 5 GB for data traffic for each company within RMS. If you need more data for remote access to end devices, you can easily upgrade. You can purchase these by using the RMS credits. Each increment of 2 GB costs 1 RMS credit. Capestone supplies Teltonika Remote Management System credits in packs, of 12 units, 24 units, 100 units, 250 units and 1000 units. You can easily order the Teltonika RMS packs via our webshop here.

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