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The ZTE MC801A is an Indoor Modem which is perfect for a home network or small office with today’s fastest 5G connections!

  • 5G CPE
  • 5G SA & NSA
  • 2x LAN, 1x VoIP port
Capestone articlenumber: ZTE700006 | Vendor articlenumber: ZTE MC801a | EAN number: 6902176053337


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Looking for a way to enjoy the unprecedented speed of 5G Internet in your home or office? Then the ZTE MC801A 5G fixed modem is just what you need! This MC801A Indoor modem uses the very latest 5G technologies to give your an Internet experience that is blazing fast. With download speeds that are significantly faster than traditional broadband connections, you can stream videos, play online games, make video calls and download large files effortlessly.

Seamless streaming and easy installation

The ZTE MC801A 5G modem cleverly harnesses the power of the 5G network to give you a reliable and stable Internet connection. It has greater capacity and lower latency compared to older models, allowing you to enjoy a seamless online experience without hiccups. Installation and operation of this fixed modem are extremely simple. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet and connect to the 5G network via your Comgate Simcard. It is also capable of supporting multiple devices simultaneously, so you can connect all your devices and take advantage of the fast 5G connection.


The ZTE MC801A 5G modem is equipped with advanced security features to protect the network from unauthorized access. With built-in firewall and encrypted connections, your data stays safe and well protected. Take advantage of the unprecedented speed and reliability of 5G Internet and order the ZTE MC801A 5G modem now!

Advantages of a 5G Router

A 5G router is invaluable for a home network or small office for several reasons:


  • Internet sharing: A 5G router allows sharing a powerful 5G Internet connection between multiple devices, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. This allows all these devices to take advantage of high-speed 5G connectivity through the same router.
  • Network management: 5G routers offer comprehensive network management features that are critical for efficient use. You can manage access to the 5G network, prioritize devices, adjust settings and even block or filter specific websites to improve both security and performance of the 5G network.
  • Wireless network (Wi-Fi): Modern 5G routers offer wireless (Wi-Fi) capabilities in addition to wired connectivity, allowing wireless devices such as laptops, smartphones and smart home devices to seamlessly connect to the 5G network without the hassle of cables.
  • File and printer sharing over 5G: Some 5G routers are equipped with USB ports that allow you to share external storage devices or printers within the 5G network. This makes sharing files and printing from different devices easier and more convenient.
  • Firewall and security: 5G routers often act as a firewall, meaning they protect your 5G network from unauthorized access from the Internet. They also offer extensive security features, such as wireless password management, VPN support and parental controls.
  • IP address management: 5G routers control the assignment of IP addresses to devices within your 5G network, allowing devices to identify each other and communicate effectively. This is done automatically, directing data to the correct destination.
  • Bandwidth management: A router allows you to manage available bandwidth and prioritize certain devices or services. This allows you to ensure, for example, that video streaming runs smoothly even when there is other activity on the network.
  • Guest network: Many routers offer the ability to set up a separate guest network. This is useful if you want to give visitors access to the Internet without giving them access to your primary network and shared files.


In short, a router is essential for setting up and managing a home or small office network. It provides the necessary functionality to connect multiple devices, optimize network performance and ensure security. This allows users to work more efficiently and benefit from a stable 5G Internet connection.

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LAN ports
Mobile networks
Number of SIM slots
RJ11-port VoIP


USB port


WAN ports
WIFI Frequency Band

2.4Ghz; 5Ghz

  • ZTE MC801A