Teltonika RUTXR1

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The RUTXR1 is the first rack mounted 4G router from Teltonika that is suitable both as a primary internet router and as a backup.

The most important features of the Teltonika RUTXR1 are

  • Redundant power supply’s
  • Dual SIM 4G modem with 300Mbps download
  • SFP port for connecting fiber optics
  • 5x Gigabit LAN ports
  • WiFi
  • Rack mounted 4G router
  • Redundant power supply's
  • Dual SIM 4G modem
Capestone articlenumber: TEL60087 | Vendor articlenumber: RUTXR1000000 | EAN number: 4779027312613


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Teltonika RUTXR1

The Teltonika RUTXR1 is the first router from Teltonika that is developed to be mounted in a server rack. The RUTXR1 has an SFP port for fiber and two LTE Cat.6 modems (300Mbps download speed) that work simultaneously so the router has many features and capabilities such as;

  • Auto switch from modem to sim card when signal is weak
  • Load balancing
  • When reaching the limit of SIM card 1, switching to SIM card 2, or to the fixed line.
  • Least cost routing in case of roaming
  • Automatic failover by dual modem

Bondix Intelligence for Bonding on Teltonika Devices

When you need increased throughput or secure access to remote applications, using multiple connections can usually provide the solution. These can be fixed network or wireless connections (fiber, DSL, WiFi, satellite), or a combination thereof. The tricky part of such a solution is to manage these connections as efficiently and easily as possible. With Bondix Intelligence’s unique S.A.NE software, you are assured of an “always-on” connection with optimal throughput.


S.A.NE is a simple and efficient software solution supported on many Teltonika router models. The solution allows you to combine different WAN interfaces and providers for aggregation, load balancing or seamless handover. With S.A.NE, Bondix guarantees reliable connectivity for all applications such as voice, video and data transmission. A major advantage of the software is that it can be deployed on existing routers already in the field, so you don’t have to change your hardware infrastructure. Due to the easy installation and maintenance of the software, WAN bonding can be enabled at the click of a button. In doing so, up- and downtime can be created from a minimum of 15 Mbps on a Teltonika RUT240 to as much as 200 Mbps on a RUTX12 or RUTX50. There are 3 Bondix license types for the S.A.NE software:


To introduce you to Bondix and the S.A.NE software, we are now offering a free 7-day trial! Just leave your details via this link and our support engineers will get back to you. Would you like to read more about Bondix? Then click here.

Load Balancing

Thanks to the dual modem functionality of the Teltonika RUTXR1, this Teltonika 4G router offers the possibility to distribute traffic over both modems and as a backup for the fiber connection. For example, one can choose to specifically route all business traffic (VoIP, cloud services etc) within an enterprise over modem A and all other data flows (WiFi guest network, private data employees) over the other modem (B). This ensures that business (critical) data is always separated from other data streams and that the data throughput has maximum uptime.

Load balancing also makes it possible to distribute all data traffic simultaneously over the modems, which keeps the throughput of data traffic stable and the pressure on the bandwidth under control.


The Teltonika RUTXR1 features WiFi standard 5 (802.11b/g/n/ac). This means a maximum speed of 867Mbps.

SFP port

The Teltonika RUTXR1 is equipped with an SFP port that allows fiber optic connections to be connected to this router. This makes this Teltonika 4G router extremely suitable as a primary router in the office.

M2M subscription

Combine the RUTXR1 with a business IoT/M2M subscription of Capestone. Our subscriptions are from 1MB to 1.000GB per month and available in various propositions such as; Unlimited data in the Netherlands: a monthly cancelable subscription for Truly Unlimited 4G data in the Netherlands.

You can also request a quote for a custom proposal for your IoT project through our sister company Comgate.

The LAN & WAN ports on RUTXR1

The RUTXR1 features 5x Gigabit Ethernet ports of which 1x LAN/WAN and 4x LAN.

Security features

Besides the dual modem, the RUTXR1 also features various options to create a secure setup;

  • The router runs on RutOS and is compatible with Teltonika Remote Management System.
  • Built-in firewall that can be configured
  • Built-in filter for white and black listing of internet pages
  • DDOS prevention

Combine the RUTXR1 with our managed M2M/IoT SIM cards based on KPN IoT including a private APN/VPN or fixed IP address on the SIM for robust connectivity solutions. For more information, ask for the possibilities at

Aantal SIM-sloten


Carrier Aggregation


Cloud Management








Ext. 4G antenna


Ext. WIFI antenna




I/O poorten


IP Rating


LAN poorten


LTE Category

Cat 6

Load Balacing




Mobiele netwerken

3G, 4G



Numbers of modems




SFP poort


Size in mm


USB port




VPN connection


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WIFI Frequency Band

2,4 Ghz; 5 Ghz


WiFi 5

Weight (grams)



  • Teltonika RUTXR1
  • Product code: RUTXR1000000
  • 2 x LTE antennas (magnetic mount, SMA male, 3 meter cable)
  • 2 x WiFi antennas (magnetic mount, RP-SMA male, 1.5 meter cable)
  • SIM needle
  • 18W EU Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable 1.5m
  • QSG (Quick Start Guide)
  • Packaging box