Teltonika RUT241

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The Teltonika RUT241 is a compact industrial 4G router for professional applications. It delivers high performance for mission-critical mobile communications. The RUT241 is robust thanks to the new aluminum housing. In addition, the RUT241 has an external SIM holder. The RUT241 is the successor to the all-time bestseller Teltonika RUT240. The RUT241 has all the best features of the RUT240 including an industrial design, compact size, multiple connection interfaces and compatibility with RMS. The RUT241 is equipped with a faster CPU, Mediatek MIPS 24Kc 580 MHz.

  • 150Mbps
  • 1x LAN
  • 1x WAN
Capestone articlenumber: TEL60095 | Vendor articlenumber: RUT241 010000 | EAN number: 4779051840151


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Teltonika RUT241

The Teltonika RUT241 is an all-time bestseller industrial 4G LTE WiFi router for professional M2M & IoT applications. It is a compact, cost-effective and secure industrial 4G/LTE WiFi router for professional applications. The RUT241 is equipped with an external SIM holder and digital input/output. In addition, LEDs make the status for signal strength visible. In short, the 4G router provides easy network deployment and management. External SMA connectors allow you to connect desired antennas and easily find the best signal location.


The RUT241 Industrial LTE router supports industry-leading security features and is widely used for 4G backup, Remote Connection, Out-of-Band Management, Advanced VPN and tunneling services in IoT network solutions. The Wi-Fi is functional in both: Access point and Station mode simultaneously and WAN failover provides automatic switching to alternative backup connection in case of connectivity issues.


The Teltonika RUT241 is a popular 4G router that can be used for all kinds of applications. This router is ideal for various IoT and M2M solutions that offer an easy installation, reliable network and external accessibility such as:

  • 4G router for retail: as primary internet connection in the store or as failover on the fixed internet connection.
  • 4G router for Construction; the RUT241 is used for security of construction sites with video cameras or for WiFi in the construction site.
  • 4G router for Smart City: the Teltonika RUT241 can be built in to monitor all kinds of values in and around urban environments.

Features of the Teltonika RUT241

  • 4G LTE and WiFi
  • Cat. 4 router with download speeds of up to 150 Mbps
  • 1x Wan port and 1x Lan port
  • Wan-Failover
  • IP30 rating and aluminum housing
  • Remote Management System


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Custom Configuratie

There are also options to purchase your RUT routers pre-configured. See the Custom config page for additional information.

3 External antenna; 2 x 4G en 1 x WiFi

Should the incoming 4G or WiFi signal be limited in a location, the signal can be improved by connecting an external antenna.

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Cloud Management






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IP Rating


LAN poorten


Load Balacing




Mobiele netwerken

2G, 3G, 4G





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WiFi 4


  • Router RUT241
  • Oplader 9W
  • 2 x LTE antennes (draaibaar, SMA mannetje)
  • 1 x WiFi antenne (draaibaar, RP-SMA mannetje)
  • Ethernet kabel (1.5 m)
  • SIM adapter kit