Teltonika FMB965

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The Teltonika FMB965 is a waterproof tracker with Clip-On System. The tracker has low power consumption and large internal battery capacity of 1200 mAh. The convenient Power Off Sleep Mode reduces power consumption to less than 1 mA.

Capestone articlenumber: TEL50089 | Vendor articlenumber: FMB965


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Teltonika FMB965

The Teltonika FMB965 is a “basic” category GPS tracker with more than just basic capabilities. With its price, accuracy and rich set of features such as quad-band 2G and Bluetooth LE connectivity, flexible inputs and outputs, accelerometer, various practical usage scenarios, sleep modes and much more, the model ensures smooth fleet operations, various asset protection, riders’ safety and excellent value for money for our business partners and customers worldwide. The Teltonika FMB965 GPS tracker is simple to mount and easy to use.

1.200 mAh battery

This easy-to-assemble FMB965 model with a built-in 1,200 mAh internal backup battery and “Power Off Sleep Mode” can transmit tracking data for up to 30 days on a single charge! Thanks to this new feature, power consumption is less than 1 mA while transmitting data every 4 hours.

IP67 housing with ‘Clip-On’ system

The specially designed robust IP67 housing with the innovative “Clip-On” system requires no tools to open or close it. In addition, an integrated gasket guarantees the durability of the device and its resistance to water and dust. This is an important aspect in GPS trackers for open transport vehicles such as two-wheelers. The new FMB965 has been extensively tested for harsh climatic conditions and is IP67 approved. In short, it is user-friendly, quick to install and reliable to track.

Applications FMB965

The most common use cases are

  • Motorcycle and scooter rental companies
  • Recreation and tourism
  • Commercial vehicle parks
  • Small-scale water transportation
  • Couriers
  • Logistic companies

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Weight 0,000 kg
  • 10 pcs. of FMB965 trackers
  • 10 pcs. of Input/Output power supply cables (0.7m)