Teltonika FMB640 Professional Tracker

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The Teltonika FMB640 is an advanced GPS tracker with tachograph solution, RS232/RS485, dual SIM, large internal battery, GLONASS, Bluetooth, external GSM and GNSS antennas, FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) support. The FMB640 is the successor of the FMB630 tracker. The only difference with its predecessor is that it supports FOTA. This is useful if you want to configure multiple trackers at the same time.

  • RS232/RS485
  • Bluetooth
  • Dual SIM
Capestone articlenumber: TEL50020 | Vendor articlenumber: FMB6402B5Y01 | EAN number: 4779027312330


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Teltonika FMB640

The Teltonika FMB640 collects coordinates and other useful data and transmits them in real time over the GSM network.

This tracker is ideal for:

  • Fleet Management
  • Car rental companies
  • Cab companies
  • Public transportation
  • Logistics service providers
  • Passenger cars etc.

Integrated tachograph solution

The integrated tachograph solution in the FMB640 enables the download of tachograph files (DDD, V1B, C1B or TGD format). Your customer can download tachograph information acquisition without additional adapter.

GPS tracker to use with Teltonika CAN adapter to read out OBD

The Teltonika FMB640 GPS tracker can be used with Teltonika CAN adapters. This allows your client to receive even more data, namely from the CAN bus of the vehicle. Whether he works with light or heavy vehicles, Teltonika CAN readers can read OBD from 1800 different models of vehicles.

RS232 / RS485

The RS232 / RS485 functionality allows the connection of third party devices such as: multiple LLS sensors, GARMIN navigation devices, RFID readers or other RS232 / RS485 devices.

Extra reliable due to dual SIM

The FMB640 is extra reliable because it can accommodate two SIM cards at the same time! Even if the main SIM card does not connect, the FMB640 still stays online. Moreover, by using two SIM cards, your customer can significantly reduce his roaming costs.

Tracker with large internal battery: data transmission continues when engine is off

The large internal 550 mAh Ni-MH battery keeps the tracker online and continues sending data when the vehicle’s engine is off.

Tracker with Bluetooth: easy configuration and communication

This tracker supports Bluetooth, this has the following advantages:

  • It is configurable with Bluetooth; with a single push, the device is connected to the configurator. So your customer never has to look for his tracker in hard-to-reach places to connect a USB cable to it;
    Your customer can call his drivers via Bluetooth, they can take calls via a headset. A phone is not necessary, so the employee keeps his hands free.

GPS tracker with micro SD card slot

It is possible to insert a micro SD card into the FMB640 that stores all the data when there is no GSM signal.

Access control and load control possible through 1-Wire protocol

The FMB640 GPS tracker supports the 1-Wire protocol. This means that you can authorize up to 500 different people to use the vehicle and that you can connect temperature sensors. Via iButton or RFID ID you can prevent unauthorized access to your fleet and with temperature sensors you can monitor your cargo.





Digital In/Out


Dimensions in mm

104,1 x 76,8 x 31,5





LTE Cat.M1








Mobiele netwerken




Number of SIM slots








Weight (grams)



  • Teltonika FMB640
  • Input/output power cable
  • GSM antenna
  • GNSS antenna