Tektelic Kona Micro IoT Gateway 4G | Excl. battery

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The Tektelic Kona Micro 8-channel Gateway is for indoor use with optional battery backup. Support for global ISM bands and full duplex operation when available. Internet capabilities via 4G or Ethernet connection. The Kona Micro IoT Gateway is available in four variants. The contents of this bundle include: 1 IoT Gateway, 868 MHz EU band, 4G excluding battery.

  • 868MHz EU band
  • 4G
  • Without battery
Capestone articlenumber: TEK10011 | Vendor articlenumber: MICI1LEU868


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Tektelic Kona Micro IoT Gateway 4G | Excl. battery

The Kona Micro IoT Gateway is designed for business and lightweight industrial applications that require “Always On” connectivity. Configured with an internal 3G / 4G modem and built-in battery backup, the Kona Micro IoT gateway continues to operate and transmit sensor data to the network even when the main site is out of power. Easy to configure and cost-effective, it is an ideal hub for deploying enterprise applications in areas where LoRaWAN coverage is not yet readily available or for private networks where the operator needs unobstructed access to the gateways, regardless of the deployment location.

Features Tektelic Kona Micro IoT Gateway Ethernet:

  • Channels: 8 Rx / 1 Tx
  • Internet connection: 3G / 4G, Ethernet
  • Battery backup: Optional

Key distinguishing features:

  • Enable critical business IoT applications with ‘Always On’ connectivity.
  • Battery backup and an integrated 3G / 4G modem.
  • Reduce installation costs with plug-n-play installation with a customized factory image.
  • Improve coverage and service, resulting in greater IoT application adoption and customer satisfaction.
  • Simplify management with the KonaFT OAM tool.
  • Operational status indicated with multi-functional LED.
  • Fully integrated with the broader ecosystem of LoRa™ network servers and sensors.


The Tektelic Kona Macro IoT Gateway is available in four variants:

More about LoraWAN

The LoRaWAN network architecture is implemented in a star-of-stars topology in which gateways relay messages between end devices and a central network server. The gateways are connected to the network server via standard IP connections and act as a transparent bridge, simply converting RF packets into IP packets and vice versa. The wireless communication takes advantage of the Long Range characteristics of the physical LoRa layer, allowing a single-hop connection between the end device and one or more gateways. All devices are capable of bi directional communication and there is support for multicast addressing groups to efficiently utilize spectrum during tasks such as Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) upgrades or other mass distribution messages.

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  • 1 IoT Gateway, 868 MHz EU-band, 4G excluding battery