Sierra Wireless Raven RV50X

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The Sierra Wireless Airlink Raven RV50X is a super-fast 4G LTE-A router that achieves download speeds of up to 300 Mbps. It is ideal for M2M applications. Other special features of this 4G+ router:

  • Dual SIM failover
  • GPS
  • RS232
  • LAN port
  • Robust
  • Energy efficient
  • Dual SIM failover
  • GPS
  • RS232
Capestone articlenumber: SIW50014 | EAN number: 1103052


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Sierra Wireless Raven RV50X

The Sierra Wireless Airlink Raven RV50X is the fast brother of the RV50 4G LTE router. It is widely used in industrial environments, including by utilities and power companies.

Energy efficient

The Raven RV50X has the lowest power consumption of any available industrial LTE router. It provides reliable connections for the most demanding remote applications, even when solar panels are the only available power source.

In idle mode, the LTE Advanced RV50X consumes only 1W. Moreover, it can be configured to reduce this further. It makes the RV50X an ideal replacement for existing 2G network devices, such as Sierra’s Raven series for example, as no additional investment in new power sources is required alongside this 4G+ router.


The Sierra Wireless Raven RV50X has a rugged design and can withstand shock, vibration, thermal shock, moisture and dust. It is suitable for the most demanding industrial environments.

Dual SIM failover: always connected

Because the Raven RV50X holds 2 SIM cards, you can automatically switch carriers if the network is down.

Experiences with the RV50 from Sierra Wireless’ partners and customers.

“We tested the Raven RV50 to provide LTE, lower power connectivity for SCADALynx, and we were impressed by how quickly the Raven RV50 integrated with our software,” says Ryan McDonald, CIO of eLynx Technologies. “We’re also really excited about the network operator switching capability of the Raven RV50—it provides a new level of flexibility for our inventory and provisioning processes. We plan on standardizing the Raven RV50 as our primary cellular gateway—given its highly compatible management platform, performance features and reliability, we feel it is an ideal solution for our customers.”

“We tested the new AirLink Raven RV50 as a replacement for the Raven X, and found that it works flawlessly – we didn’t need to make any modifications to our software,” says Neil Hurst, Engineering Manager, Products of EDM International, Inc. “We are very pleased with this new product – in particular, its very fast boot-up time and low power consumption.”

“The Raven RV50 offers a huge jump in functionality at the same power consumption as the original AirLink Raven. Industrial customers in particular can now look at adding new functionality like video surveillance to their remote infrastructure, which improves their day-to-day management and the security of these remote assets,” said Mark Gianinni, CEO of Accel Networks.

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  • Sierra Wireless AirLink RV50X
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