Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70 (CAT6)

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The Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70 is designed specifically for commercial vehicles. This super fast and robust 4G LTE Advanced CAT6 in-vehicle router is perfect for drivers who need internet anytime, anywhere. Think public transportation, police, fire, courier, utility and transportation companies.

  • 4G LTE Advanced CAT6
  • In-vehicle router
  • 4 Gigabit LAN ports
Capestone articlenumber: SIW50012 | EAN number: "8719689231613


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Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70 (CAT6)

Key features of the Airlink MP70:


  • Ultra-fast: up to 300 Mbps download speed (LTE-Advanced CAT6 connectivity)
  • Supports 22 LTE frequency bands
  • 4 Gigabit LAN ports
  • 3 x 3 MiMo WiFi, internet access for 64 devices simultaneously
  • Dual SIM
  • Telemetry possible
  • Global GPS system, vehicle always traceable


With the MP70, employees who are on the road can exchange information with their colleagues in the office or at other locations in a super-fast and secure way. Also retrieving data from business systems – or adding to them – is done in no time. With the MP70, multiple applications can be used simultaneously, even if they require a lot of bandwidth. In this way, all the vehicles in a company fleet are a fully-fledged part of the total company network, wherever they may be.

Also around the vehicle fast reception

With the Airlink MP70, multiple applications can be used simultaneously, further from the vehicle and faster than ever. For example via laptops, tablets and smartphones. The MP70 is a CAT6 router and with its download speed of up to 300 Mbps is one of the fastest routers currently on the market. Thanks to the MP70, unreliable internet on the road is a thing of the past.

Live video streaming possible

Live video streaming is possible with this router. For example, the MP70 can send real-time security images. Or change route information and other content on screens in buses or streetcars in no time.

Supports 22 LTE frequency bands

Because the MP70 supports 22 LTE frequency bands, it provides superior coverage on LTE networks worldwide. This router can therefore be used virtually anywhere, an important added value for international (transport) companies.

Dual SIM, so always receive

The MP70 is dual SIM so it can switch to another network if it is better or more economical. This avoids internet disruptions and roaming charges.

WiFi for 64 devices simultaneously

With this router, you can easily create a WiFi network for up to 64 devices simultaneously. The MP70 also features WiFi as WAN.

Telemetry possible: real-time and remote reading of information

The MP70 supports telemetry, which makes it possible to read data remotely. For example, about the use of sirens and flashing lights by police and other emergency services. Or about the technical condition of the vehicle.

Global GPS system and system that works without satellites

The MP70 uses the latest navigation technology. GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System, a GPS system that has worldwide coverage. In addition, the MP70 contains an extra navigation system, namely Inertial Navigation System 1. This allows vehicles to be tracked even in tunnels and underground parking lots if the GNSS cannot receive signals from satellites.

Send information securely

The MP70 is packed with features that allow you to send information securely. Among other things, 5 simultaneous VPN connections.

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Cat 6

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2,4 Ghz; 5 Ghz

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  • Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70
  • Power cable
  • Manual