Peplink MAX Transit 5G

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The Peplink MAX Transit 5G is a mobile and rugged router designed specifically for the transportation industry. This professional router has 1x Gigabit WAN, 1x Gigabit LAN port and a download speed of up to 4 Gbps.

  • Global M2M Router
  • 1x WAN & 1x LAN
  • Specially for vehicles
Capestone articlenumber: PEP50009 | Vendor articlenumber: MAX-TST-5GD-T-PRM


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Peplink MAX Transit 5G

The Peplink MAX Transit 5G is a mobile compact 5G router specifically designed for vehicles. The 5G router has 2 SIM slots and multi-radio capabilities that provide speed, reliability and coverage by combining the best of 5G and LTE. For wireless connectivity, 802.11ac WiFi is available with speeds up to 400 Mbps.


Due to its compact form, the Transit 5G can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as vehicles, vessels and branch networks. The Peplink MAX 5G router uses dual-SIM, meaning that two SIM cards from different providers can be used. Again, the router uses Failover, which means that it automatically switches providers as soon as one provider’s connection is lost. This way, the router can maintain a connection even when the mobile network is unstable.

PrimeCare expansion

The Peplink MAX Transit 5G is expandable with PrimeCare from Peplink. This patented VPN technology, called SpeedFusion from Peplink is specifically designed for Multi-WAN environments. Unlike standard routers, a Speedfusion router can stack the bandwidth of all WAN connections. This results in a network with extra high speed, reliability and high security. The license also supports FusionHub, which allows SpeedFusion connections to be established between cloud servers and physical Peplink devices.

  • 1x MAX Transit 5G
  • 12V 2A power supply
  • 2x 5dBi Wi-Fi antennas
  • 1x GPS Active antenna
  • 4x 2dBi mobile antennas
  • 1 pair of mounting brackets