Peplink Balance 380

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The Peplink Balance 380 is a router with powerful performance thanks to 3x WAN ports, 3x LAN ports and a forward speed of 1Gb. Use smart features like Load Balancing and SpeedFusion to transport VoIP, video streaming and other data at super speed. You can also use the Balance 380 as an endpoint in combination with Peplink HD2 and HD4 mobile 4G routers.

  • 3x Gigabit WAN
  • 3x Gigabit LAN
  • Max 30x PepVPN Peers
Capestone articlenumber: PEP10025 | Vendor articlenumber: BPL-380


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Peplink Balance 380

The Peplink Balance 380 is an enterprise Multi-Wan router that is ideally suited for SMBs and Enterprise from 50 to 500 users. The powerful device provides fast, reliable mobile Internet.

Load Balancing

Increase network data speeds, reliability and flexibility and reduce connectivity costs with Peplink Internet Load Balancing technology. The Peplink Balance 380 can distribute traffic from various Internet connections and route data using seven intelligent algorithms:

  • Lowest Latency; Get fast response time when loading applications
  • Enforced; Limit outbound traffic to a specific connection
  • Persistence; No barriers to data traffic
  • Least Used; Choose the best connection + bandwidth
  • Weighted Balance; Distribute traffic over several connections
  • Priority; Router traffic to a preferred connection
  • Overflow; Redirect traffic when the connection has insufficient bandwidth

High Availability

If a company needs a connection that absolutely must not drop, two routers can be put in High Availability mode. In this mode, one router is on standby, taking over from the other router when needed.

Drop-in Mode and LAN Bypass

Thanks to Drop-in Mode, the existing network does not need to be modified to integrate the Peplink Balance 380. This allows the Peplink Balance to be easily placed in an existing network, for example behind a firewall.
When the router has no power for whatever reason, the LAN Bypass ensures that the router is ‘bypassed’ via the first LAN port to an underlying firewall so that the old existing network can resume its tasks. The Balance will act as a kind of network cable in this process.

WAN Failover

This router knows WAN Failover. This means that it switches from one connection to another if the primary connection fails. In this way the router provides an extremely reliable and flexible connection.


The Peplink Balance 380 supports SpeedFusion, a unique technology that makes it possible to combine internet connections from different providers. This ensures a higher bandwidth. When one connection is lost the Balance 380 automatically switches to another connection.

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  • Peplink Balance 380
  • Power Cord (ACW-614)
  • 1 pair of mounting brackets (ACW-382)