Peplink Balance 30 Pro LTEA (Americas/EM

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The Peplink is the ideal router for business mobile internet. This Balance 30 Pro LTE-A version supports 4G+ LTE Advanced. The router has 2x WAN ports, 4x LAN ports and an integrated dual-SIM 4G+ LTE-A modem. This device is suitable for applications between 1-60 users.

Use smart features such as Load Balancing and SpeedFusion to transport VoIP, video streaming and other data at super-fast speeds. With the Balance 30 Pro LTE-A dual sim 4G router, you can combine different transport technologies and mobile providers to keep your network up to date when individual links are broken. Switching between links is automatic and seamless.

  • 4 LAN Ports
  • VPN support
  • Failover
Capestone articlenumber: PEP10037 | Vendor articlenumber: BPL-031-LTEA-W-T


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Peplink Balance 30 Pro LTE-A (EMEA)

The Peplink Balance 30 Pro LTE-A (EMEA) is a business Multi-WAN router with WiFi that is particularly suitable for environments where fast and stable mobile Internet is required. This router offers dual-band 802.11ac WiFi (4x RP-SMA Wi-Fi antenna connectors) and has a maximum LTE throughput of 300 Mbps.

Load Balancing

The Peplink Balance 30 Pro LTE-A is equipped with 2 WAN ports. You can use any combination of DSL, cable and 3G connections. What is special is that this router also supports 4G LTE.

Increase network data rates, reliability and flexibility and reduce connectivity costs with Peplink Internet Load Balancing technology. The Balance 30 Pro can distribute traffic from various Internet connections (4G, Cable, DSL) and route data using seven intelligent algorithms:

  • Lowest Latency; Get fast response time when loading applications
  • Enforced; Restrict outbound traffic to a specific connection
  • Persistence; No barriers to data traffic
  • Least Used; Choose the best connection + bandwidth
  • Weighted Balance; Distribute traffic over several connections
  • Priority; Router traffic to a preferred connection
  • Overflow; Redirect traffic when the connection has insufficient bandwidth

WAN Failover

This Balance 30 Pro router features WAN Failover. This means that it switches from one connection to another in case the primary connection fails. The router therefore provides an extremely reliable and flexible connection.

VPN support

The Balance 30 Pro supports VPN connections. The Load Balancing here ensures that there is a secure and stable VPN tunnel. Because the bandwidth is distributed over the available Internet connections, the VPN connection is maintained even when one of the connections is lost. With a VPN throughput of 55 Mbps, there is an excellent connection speed.

AP Controller

The AP Controller makes it easy to manage the Peplink’s wireless network. With this low-threshold interface, reports and detailed event logs can be viewed. It can also be used to set up a WiFi hotspot for the customer. This can be done with the Captive Portal function of the controller. This allows you to easily determine things like connection speed and data usage limits.


The Peplink Balance Pro 30 LTE-A supports SpeedFusion, a unique technology that allows you to combine Internet connections from different providers. This ensures a higher bandwidth. When a connection is lost, the device automatically switches to another connection.

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40 x 260 x 143



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  • Peplink Balance 30 Pro, suitable for EMEA countries
  • 12V 3A Power supply (ACW-602)
  • 2x LTE antennas (ACW-815)
  • 4x Wi-Fi Dual-Band antennas (ACW-341)
  • 4x Wi-Fi antenna Extender with Magnetic Base (ACW-800)
  • 1 Pair of Mounting Brackets (ACW-721)