MBK IBR900 – without router

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The MBK 900 Fully Integrated (FI) is a 4G/LTE solution that is ideal for customers who need a quick mobile Internet solution for applications within vehicles, events and mobile command units (MCUs). This kit is designed specifically for the Cradlepoint IBR900 (sold separately) where there is room for a 2nd modem and a ClearRF amplifier. The kit also includes fully integrated WiFi, GPS and 4G antennas and a LifePo4 battery power management system.

This kit is also available with an integrated Cradlepoint IBR900 router.

  • Grab & Go
  • 4G Temporary Internet
  • 50 WiFi users
Capestone articlenumber: 4KS40001 | Vendor articlenumber: 4K-MBK-CDNR


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Mobile Broadband Kit for the Cradlepoint IBR900

The Mobile Broadband Kit-900 FI is an intelligently designed portable 4G/LTE network system configured for the Cradlepoint IBR900. This router comes standard with an LTE Advanced 600 Mbps 4G LTE modem, WiFi, GPS, dual SIM and NetCloud Manager.


The MBK-900 FI offers 802.11 wireless and Ethernet networking options. The MBK-900 FI comes with a custom case and is powered by the 4K Rugged Power Center LifePo4 battery. This power management system has an estimated run time of 11-14 hours. The MBK-900 FI is integrated into a mil-spec enclosure with internal OEM antenna mounting and storage. Two Ethernet ports are extended to the outside of the enclosure. This product is sold with a 1-year replacement warranty on all hardware.


Using the world’s 4G/LTE networks, customers can use the MBK for hospital and medical operations, pop-up test sites, field hospitals, clinics, staffing, engineering, running their businesses, law enforcement, disaster preparedness, first responders, fire departments, emergency management offices and DoD units.

Power Management Systeem

The MBK-900 FI is equipped with an internal charge controller and is powered by a 14-18 vdc. This unit can also be charged via a solar panel up to 60 watts. The included adapter charges the system in about 90 minutes. The internal battery protection circuitry prevents overcharging, over-discharging, and short-circuit circuits.

The voltmeter continuously indicates system voltage and responds to confirmation of solar or AC charging. The USB driver is independent, switched, and is 3 amps.

Global applicability of the MBKs

The Mobile Broadband Kits are deployable worldwide to provide Internet backhaul from Eastern Europe, Mongolia, Africa, Afghanistan to Korea, and the Asia Pacific. The MBK-900 is ideal for industries where flexibility and portability apply:

  • Emergency evacuations
  • Business travelers
  • First responders
  • Internet Service Recovery
  • Medical “Crash” Kits
  • Military Operations
  • Telemedicine