Magnetic base

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Magnetic base with SMA-Female connector including 1,5 meter cable with SMA-Male connector for mounting a stubby antenna.

  • 1,5 meter cable
  • Magnetic base
  • SMA
Capestone articlenumber: AKL700010 | Vendor articlenumber: 20-CH-BBS-01 | EAN number: 8719689231071


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Magnetic foot with SMA-female connector

This loose base is equipped with a magnet for mounting. The SMA-female connector is processed in this foot so that you can place a stubby antenna including the 1.5 meter cable with SMA-Male connector.

By removing a stubby antenna from a device and placing it on this base, you can often place it in a much more favorable position for better reception. Ideal if you have a modem or router in a metal cabinet, you can then remove the standard SMA antenna and screw it to this base.  The base is a passive product so you can use it for all applications and it is not only suitable for a certain frequency. (At frequencies above 3 GHz there will be more loss).

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