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De Crosscall CORE-T5 is een tablet die perfect geschikt is voor veeleisende omstandigheden en heeft maar liefst 5 jaar fabrieksgarantie. Deze CORE-T5 heeft een mobiele netwerkdekking via 4G+ en WiFi en voorzien van 2 programmeerbare knoppen die op elke PMR-toepassing kunnen worden ingesteld. Ten slotte bevat het toestel een krachtige 100dB-luidspreker en krachtife Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor.

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  • IP68
  • Mission critical communication
  • 100 dB speaker
Capestone articlenumber: CRC30011 | Vendor articlenumber: CROSSC-CORE-T5-BLK | EAN number: 3700764722749


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Crosscall CORE-T5

The 4G+ that the Crosscall CORE-T5 is equipped with makes video calls, exchanging data in real time, accessing professional apps, and more super fast and all while maintaining mobility. 4G+ allows the CORE-T5 to be up to 10 times faster than with 4G. It has a wide range of frequency bands allowing it to be used on public 4G networks and private 4G networks.

Optimized for Wi-Fi in the enterprise

The Wi-Fi connection is never broken again as the CORE-T5 supports optimized user roaming on business Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi 802.11 k, r, v, u standards provide smoother transition between access points on the same network.

Compatible PMR bands

The Crosscall CORE-T5 stays connected and is able to communicate in all conditions. The CORE-T5 is specifically designed to communicate on private networks intended for PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) and this of course includes the 4G, 28, 38 and 40 frequency bands. It supports all mission-critical protocols (supporting Release 12 3GPP features) so that the user can communicate even when the network is congested, thanks to mechanisms for “resource pre-emption” and “flow prioritization”.

2 programmable buttons

The CORE-T5 has on the side 2 programmable buttons that allow actions such as Push To Talk (PTT) and Security Individual Worker (BIW), but also with all the functions of the tablet (flashlight, camera…). The location and recognition of programmable buttons have been studied so that accidental pressing can be avoided. In addition, the texture and size of the other buttons are different, preserving the easy and quick access to the shortcut keys. The buttons are very long-lasting and can withstand more than 400,000 presses during the 5-year warranty.

Long battery life

The Crosscall CORE-T5 contains a battery with a very large capacity of 7000 mAh for extraordinary endurance. In addition, this device benefits from CROSSCALL expertise in terms of energy-efficient components and user interface optimization.

CORE-T5 – Durable and reliable device

Tested in various areas, the CORE-T5 is a rugged and durable IP68 certified device. Thus, the CORE-T5 is water and dust resistant, can withstand any type of liquid, but can also withstand salt, fresh, and chlorinated water and even sand and micro particles, including snow. As part of its development, the CORE-T5 underwent and passed drop tests on the 6 sides of the tablet at a height of 1.5 meters and directly on a concrete slab, the hardest test material.

X-LINK technology

The CORE-T5 can be extended thanks to X-LINK technology, which is an integrated magnetic attachment on the back of the CORE-T5. Quickly and easily place and secure the tablet on a complete ecosystem of accessories that facilitate the use of the T5.

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  • Crosscall CORE-T5
  • 5V/2A Charger (Quick charge)
  • USB-A / USB-C cable
  • IPX6 waterproof earphones
  • X-Blocker