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With its compact size and its resistance to any test, the CROSSCALL CORE-M4 is practical and reliable even in the most difficult professions. Enough to meet the expectations of both professionals and the general public. It is mainly its dimensions that make it strong. No more fussing with a huge device, the CORE-M4 is a compact device with useful features. If the CORE-M4 can also meet the needs of professionals with its performance and design, it can easily adapt to the daily life of anyone, regardless of the requirement of use.

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  • Water- and dustproof
  • Wet & Glove Touchscreen
  • PTT App
Capestone articlenumber: CRC30003 | Vendor articlenumber: CROSSC-CORE-M4-BLK | EAN number: 3700764710852


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Benefits of the CROSSCALL CORE-M4:

  • Compact power
  • Water and dustproof
  • Rugged
  • Reinforced screen
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Enhanced camera performance
  • Ideal for teamwork
  • Wet and glove touch screen
  • Compact Strength


Its size is its strength. Due to its size and screen format, the CROSSCALL CORE-M4 fits into any pocket. Its handling is immediate and very pleasant thanks to the different textures and curves that make it design. Its weight, moreover minimal, allows it to handle any situation easily and lightly.

Water and dust proof

A new member of a true family of outdoor cell phones, the CORE-M4 is not afraid to jump into the water and accomplish new challenges. Thanks to the seal that meets the IP68 standard, it is completely impervious to water and fine dust.


Prepared to withstand all tests, the CORE-M4 combines the advantages of a powerful mobile with increased resistance to bumps and drops. Its compact, lightweight and reinforced design make it the perfect device for the most extreme activities. This M4 can withstand drops of 2 meters on its 6 sides.

Reinforced Screen

This device features a Corning GORILLA GLAS 3. This is an extreme display that makes it almost impossible to make deep scratches in the screen.

Extreme temperatures

This CROSSCALL CORE-M4 is suitable for extreme temperatures from -25° C to + 50° C. Against any extreme situation, this device is suitable.

Enhanced camera performance

The built-in lens provides quality photos. Also on board are two programmable buttons designed to facilitate their use according to the most requested functions. The front camera is equipped with 2.0 MP.

CROSSCALL CORE-M4: Ideal for Teamwork.

The programmable button that can be configured with a Push-to-Talk application is ideal for teamwork: the smartphone becomes a real walkie-talkie. Its second programmable red button can be set to the desired function depending on your use and needs.

Wet and Glove Touch screen

Thanks to Glove touch and Wet touch technology, the screen remains tactile even with gloves or wet fingers. This is a great advantage for certain professions or extreme activities in difficult environments. And the dual SIM card tray makes it very easy to switch from business to personal use.






  • Crosscall CORE-M4
  • X-Blocker
  • Earphone
  • Charger + Cable
  • User Manual