Cradlepoint MC400-5GB Modem for R1900/IBR1700 Router

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The MC400-5GB Modular Modem combines business reliability with Gigabit-class LTE and 5G performance. The Cradlepoint R1900/IBR1700 Routers can be easily expanded with capabilities such as dual modems, 5G and LTE Advanced Pro.

  • Extra 5G modem
  • For R1900 or IBR1700
  • Dual-SIM
Capestone articlenumber: CPT60028 | Vendor articlenumber: MB-MC400-5GB


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Cradlepoint MC400-5GB Modem for R1900/IBR1700 Router

The Cradlepoint MC400 Modular Modem allows MC400-capable branch, mobile and IoT routers to be easily upgraded with the latest industry-leading cellular capabilities. The Cradlepoint MC400-5GB Modem combines enterprise reliability with industry-leading performance. Available modems include both LTE Advanced and 5G for fast robust connections.


Adding an MC400 5G Modem to a CradlepointR1900/IBR1700 Router provides more usable bandwidth during burst or peak usage. In addition, multiple wireless backup connections can be deployed to achieve 99.99% uptime. Each modem includes two SIM slots for even more data plan diversity options. The MC400 Modular Modem combines enterprise reliability with 5G and Gigabit-Class LTE performance.

Features Cradlepoint MC400-5GB

  • Offers second modem capability
  • Dual SIM slots in each modem
  • GNSS support
  • Certified versions are available for public safety networks worldwide
  • Support for Gigabit-class LTE Advanced Pro and 5G

Key benefits

The Cradlepoint MC400-5GB is a (separate) modem that can be inserted into an existing router for:


  • Higher availability: Insert an MC400 to add a second active LTE or 5G link for primary and failover connectivity.
  • Ultimate WAN Diversity: Combine LTE or 5G with dual-modem, dualSIM, and multi-carrier functionality; Ethernet; and/or Wi-Fi as WAN.
  • Flexibility: Auto-switch SIM cards when you’ve reached your data plan cap.
  • Future-proof your network: Field upgrade existing routers to the latest modem technology.
  • Locate assets: GNSS with support for CAD and fleet management, ensures vehicles can always be located.
  • Greater revenue and cost-saving opportunities with the ability to run advanced bandwidth-intensive applications.
  • Lower data plan costs by automatically switching to the second modem/SIM when the data plan cap on the primary modem/SIM has been reached.


The MC400-5GB is ideally suited for the following routers as an additional modem:






Dimension in mm




LTE Category

Cat 20

Mobile networks

3G, 4G, 5G

Number of SIM slots


Number of modems




Weight (grams)


  • MC400 Modular Modem 
  • Modem door covers