Cradlepoint MC20BT

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The Cradlepoint MC20BT is a Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 module that can be added to the expansion slot in the Cradlepoint E300E3000, and R1900 routers. The device can be used as a gateway for IoT sensor connectivity.

  • Cradlepoint E300/E3000 & R1900
  • Voor IoT-sensorconnectiviteit
  • Zwart
Capestone articlenumber: CPT40171 | Vendor articlenumber: BF-MC20-BT


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Cradlepoint MC20BT

Total solution for IoT

The Cradlepoint MC20BT allows you to connect sensors to your Cradlepoint router. The data from this Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 module is securely and quickly transported over the Cradlepoint router to any cloud environment such as Azure IoT Central or AWS Greengrass.

Expanding all-in-one wireless WAN routers with MC20BT

Cradlepoint offers Bluetooth as a connectivity option without the need to set up a dedicated BLE network. You can insert the Cradlepoint MC20BT module into the E3000 and E300 routers for an all-in-one device that combines networking, Wi-Fi 6 and security. From Cradlepoint NetCloud, you can simplify configuration and enable security settings, deployment, monitoring and troubleshooting at remote locations.

Applications and Use Cases.

This Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 module is ideal for companies within retail, enterprise or transportation. For example, link presence and absence sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, tracking tags or Employee badges & ID cards to your overall solution.


  • Suitable for the E300, E3000 and R1900.
  • Add Bluetooth to the device behind which you pair IoT sensors.
  • Remotely manage and configure the Bluetooth radio via Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager.
  • Provides BLE interface status and customer analytics on a dashboard in gateway mode.
  • Supports coexistence of Wi-Fi and BLE to reduce potential interference and provide better performance when both radios are active.


Type of accessory