Cradlepoint CBA850 -1200Mbps


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The Cradlepoint ARC CBA850 Branch Network Solution Package is designed as a turnkey network solution for the best 3G/4G LTE failover. With this package, your customer can manage his network remotely if the Internet connection or primary router fails. This saves him travel costs of outage technicians. This 4G router package maximizes uptime for businesses that need internet all the time and can be seamlessly integrated into the existing network infrastructure.

  • Out of Band Management
  • 1200Mbps modem
  • NetCloud
Capestone articlenumber: CPT40192 | Vendor articlenumber: BBx-0850120B-E0M


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Cradlepoint CBA850 – 1200Mbps

The ARC CBA850 is a 3G/4G LTE Router that is only sold as part of a NetCloud Solution Package. You can purchase this package for 1 year, 3 years or 5 years. After expiration, this Netcloud Essentials package is renewable. An upgrade to NetCloud Advanced is also available if your customer wants more extensive features. In addition to the 4G LTE router, this package includes:

  • cloud management software: NetCloud Manager
  • 24/7 support
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the hardware (click here for more information)

The key benefits of the ARC CBA850 Branch Network Solution Package are:

  • Supports LTE Advanced
  • Plug and play overlay failover
  • Cloud managed
  • Out of Band management (OOB)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Manage network remotely if internet connection or primary router fails

The Cradlepoint CBA850 provides a fast and automatic secondary path for accessing and managing the network at remote locations when the Internet connection is down and even when the primary router fails. With its Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) feature, the CBA850 powers itself and can therefore be deployed anywhere.

OOB for any primary router possible via upgrade to NetCloud Advanced

This standard ARC CBA850 Branch Network Solution Package provides Out of Band Management (OOB) for any primary router without a static IP address. Does your customer want more extensive capabilities? Then it is possible to upgrade to NetCloud Advanced for additional features, including OOB. This extends your customer’s OOB capability to any primary router, including routers without a static IP address.

Benefits of the Cradlepoint CBA850 Branch Network Solution Package.

  • Best-in-Class business continuity
  • Supports LTE Advanced (LP6, LP5 versions only)
  • Multi-carrier 4G LTE support with dual SIM capability
  • Very fast 4G LTE for the most demanding applications
  • Gain access to the primary router CLI out-of-band and avoid travel costs of troubleshooters
  • Maximize revenue and protect your brand from downtime

Remote Management

  • Configure, monitor and manage remotely
  • Analyze performance, data and usage
  • Monitor network availability by setting up real-time alerts

Deploy quickly, scale easily and reduce installation costs

  • SIM-based auto carrier selection (LP6, LP5, LP4 versions only)
  • Accelerate deployment with “zero touch” configuration
  • Integrates easily with existing infrastructure for turnkey network failover

Secure and Protect

  • Virtual server / port forwarding, IPv6
  • Designed for PCI 3.0 compatible network architecture

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager: manage your equipment through the cloud

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager is a next generation management and application platform, providing real-time network management over secure 4G LTE connections. It allows users to quickly deploy and dynamically manage networks in geographically dispersed locations. NetCloud Manager integrates cloud management with Cradlepoint devices to improve productivity, increase reliability, reduce costs, and enhance the intelligence of network and business operations.



Carrier Aggregation


Download speed


Ext. 4G antenna


Ext. GPS antenna


LAN ports


LTE Category

Cat 18


NetCloud Essentials 1 yr, NetCloud Essentials 3 yr, NetCloud Essentials 5 yr

Number of modems


USB port


Upload speed





WiFi 5

  • Cradlepoint ARC CBA850 with an MC400 modular multi-carrier modem
  • Universal 3G/4G/LTE antennas with dedicated active GPS antenna port
  • 12V DC /1.5A power adapter (1.5m cord)
  • Ethernet cable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Safety, Regulatory and Warranty Guide
  • NetCloud Essentials