Comgate 4G/5G Back-up NL | T-Mobile for NL use

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Choose for security and redundancy for the Comgate Backup SIM card. For only €6.50 per month you get access to a data bundle of 5GB for the Netherlands. All connected sim cards automatically form a group bundle (pooled) free of charge, so the data usage is distributed over all sim cards. The simcard is offered by our sister company and IoT Service Provider Comgate. More and more we see that partners choose a data subscription when purchasing 4G and 5G hardware.

This subscription offers the highest data speed available in the Netherlands.  Instead of an upgrade to 5G, this subscription is standard 5G and backwards compatible with 4G. So you are fully prepared; 5G is the solution of the future. The Comgate 4G/5G Backup NL is a reseller only subscription. Available as a retail and wholesale variant. Please contact us for more information and options.

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  • Unmanaged M2M SIM
  • Incl. 5GB data
  • Backup / Failover SIM
Capestone articlenumber: SIM40004


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Comgate 4G/5G Back-up NL

The “Comgate 4G/5G Back-up NL” data plan has been composed to be used worry-free as a 4G/5G failover or backup solution in a router, switch or other network device. This SIM card can also be used for primary internet applications and use cases where the data usage fits within this bundle, and where the solution is managed in the router or device. Think of internet for routers with WiFi for ATMs, digital signage, internet for cash register systems or tablets.

€6.50 for 5GB!

For only €6.50 per month you get access to a data bundle of 5GB for the Netherlands. All connected sim cards will automatically and free of charge form a group bundle (pooled) so the data usage will be spread over all sim cards.

Out of bundle costs

The out of bundle costs of Comgate 4G/5G Backup NL | T-Mobile are €0,50 per 1 GB.


  • The SIM card is activated on the order date
  • Invoicing takes place over whole calendar months. The month in which the sim card is activated is invoiced in full.

All advantages;

  • 5GB for €6,50
  • Carefree access to the fastest mobile network in the Netherlands.
  • Create a total solution for your customer.
  • Future proof; suitable for 5G!
  • Pooled data bundles
  • Through annual agreements extra volume discounts are possible.
  • Deployable as 4G/5G Back-up solution, but also for other use cases.
  • Full technical and commercial support from Capestone and Comgate on hardware and connectivity.