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With the Capestone Prepaid IoT data sim card, you can make carefree use of fast mobile Internet in the Netherlands on the reliable KPN network. The data sim cards come with a management portal and are specifically designed for 4G/5G & IoT applications in routers, GPS trackers, alarm systems, gateways, mobile hotspots and cameras.

Capestone Prepaid IoT SIM cards come with a 097 number and are available from 100 MB to as much as 1 TB. The data credit has a standard shelf life of 12 months from the time of activation.

You can view and easily upgrade your data SIMS and data credit in our management portal.

  • Managed Prepaid IoT sim
  • 12 months shelf life
  • Incl. Management Portal
Capestone articlenumber: SIM8000


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Capestone Prepaid IoT data sim card – Netherlands

Prepaid IoT Portal

The Capestone Prepaid IoT data sim card is ideal when you want to maintain visibility and control over your data usage. These data sim cards come with management portal where you can see the data credit and shelf life of all data sims.

In this Prepaid IoT Portal, you can easily top up your credit or that of your customers. When upgrading, the SIM takes the data & days credit to the new period. You also have the option of setting an automatic refill of the data.

Whitelabel for Distributors, OEMs & Dealers – Create & Design your own Label

Are you a distributor, manufacturer or dealer of connected products, such as solar panels, bicycles, cameras, printers, networking products or e-mobility, but don’t know the end user or don’t have the tools to bill subscriptions? The Capestone Prepaid IoT Portal then provides all the tools to deliver your products connected without hassle and make margin on connectivity. Fully customize your product by purchasing a white label variant of the solution.

Choose a white-label variant of our Prepaid IoT stack if you want to add 5G and IoT connectivity to your portfolio. Capestone offers the following white label capabilities:

  • Private APN: Choose your own APN name
  • Custom URL: The Prepaid Portal is built on your URL name
  • Custom Branding: The Prepaid Portal is designed in your corporate identity.
  • Custom Rate Plans Names: Create your own data bundle which your customers see. Define your own bundle name, price, margin, data bundle validity (1 year, 5 years, 1 month etc) and create your own roaming zones.

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The benefits of Prepaid IoT at a glance.

  • One-time payment, no monthly subscription.
  • Customization possible, both in data bundle size and shelf life (from 1 month to 10 years)
  • Prepaid IoT sim card bundles from 100MB to 1,000GB
  • KPN IoT network in the Netherlands
  • Insight into data shelf life and data allowance in Prepaid IoT Portal
  • When you upgrade, you take your data & days credit with you
  • Automatic refill possible
  • Fixed-IP address & IP-SEC VPN optional
  • The data credit of the Capestone Prepaid IoT SIM is valid by default for 12 months from the time of activation.

In addition, Capestone offers custom solutions with a term and bundle size to suit your needs.

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Capestone’s Prepaid IoT Platform can be deployed for many use cases, verticals and applications: from IoT, Track & Trace, BackUP sim to Fixed Wireless Access

  • Asset Tracking & E-Mobility: use the Prepaid IoT SIM to connect and track containers, e-bikes, scooter, forklifts and other valuable assets anywhere in the world. For example, order an IoT SIM with 500MB for 5 years so you’re done in one go.
  • 5G Backup: the Prepaid IoT SIM can serve as a backup SIM for a fiber connection. Are you an Internet service provider and want to provide worry-free 5G backup services to customers. Then choose a large data bundle, for example 1,000GB NL with 3-year shelf life, and never run out of data again with auto-refill.
  • 5G Temporary Internet and 5G Fixed Wireless Access with fixed IP address: do you have a temporary or permanent need for lots of 5G mobile data on the KPN network in the Netherlands with a public fixed IP address, but don’t want a daily limit, data plan or possibly extra charges above the bundle? Then choose a Prepaid IoT SIM with 1TB or more of data and enjoy a high-quality product on the best-tested network in the Netherlands, with simplicity and convenience.
Prepaid Bundle

100GB NL, 50GB NL, 5GB NL, 10GB NL, 25GB NL, 500GB NL, 1TB NL

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