Capestone 4G Back-Up

19,95 excl. VAT

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With the 4G Backup all-in-one subscription, Comgate provides you with the need to never be without Internet again. Because the solution is offered in subscription form, you do not need to make any pre-investment in hardware. This mobile Internet solution provides 24/7 stable and fast internet, possible through both fixed internet connection (WAN) and 4G and WiFi. The solution is sent to you fully pre-configured. Ideal for Retail, Back-Up for VoIP telephony systems and other business critical applications. The duration is 24 months, then cancelable monthly.

  • Managed IoT Solution
  • Incl. 1 GB EU per month
  • for Retail & Offices
Capestone articlenumber: CAP70008


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Capestone 4G Back-Up

Comgate’s Back-up all-in-one subscription provides you with a complete, pre-configured total solution:

  • Low-cost solution for Retail, Office and SMBs.
  • Includes 1GB data bundle EU on the basis of Pay-As-You-Go
  • No pre-investment required through subscription
  • Stable and fast internet possible 24/7 via both fixed internet connection and 4G
  • An extra LAN port, for example, to connect a switch
  • Up to 32 WiFi connections simultaneously.
  • Integration of security cameras, printers, mobile ATMs, POS systems etc. possible.
  • Easy to manage via the Cloud Management System
  • Plug & Play, easy to use
  • SLA included as standard – Next Business Day

How the Failover function works

The subscription includes a router with a Failover function. In this function, the internet connection is received via both a landline (WAN port) and via 4G (SIM card). The router automatically switches to another internet connection if the main connection fails. For example, to 4G if the fixed internet line fails, or vice versa. As soon as the main connection is working again, the router switches back to it as quickly as possible, this is called Fallback.

Including 1 GB EU

In the Backup Package you have a data bundle of 1GB per month. If you use more than that, you will be using a Pay-as-you-go model with a rounding per GB. This gives you wireless access to the internet via 4G. The sim cards are not completely network independent but have over 600 roaming partners worldwide so always excellent reception. If you purchase multiple subscriptions from us, you can link the data bundles together (pooled data). This way several users can use one data bundle.


The ideal feature of your Backup Package is that you pay monthly in a subscription form, so you have no depreciation costs. During the term, you benefit from our service and expertise.
The monthly costs for the package are: €19.95 (excl. VAT).

Want to order Capestone 4G Backup 1 GB EU?

You can order by downloading the form here and completely filling it out and e-mailing it to If you have any questions, one of the Capestone experts will be happy to help you!

Out of bundle costs

The costs for using outside the bundle is € 5.00 per GB, rounding is per GB. For the settlement of the costs outside the bundle you can see the pricing above.


Duration of the subscription is 24 months.

Return on cancellation

Your subscription will be renewed automatically after the 24 month term. If you want to cancel your Backup subscription, please send an email to stating “cancellation of Backup package”. After expiration of the subscription you should return the router and SIM card from the Backup Package to:

Attn. department RMA
Haagse schouwweg 6
2332 KG Leiden

Once our RMA department has checked your package, you will receive a confirmation within 7 working days. If any parts of the package are damaged, you will receive an overview of the costs. Please return the package in time: at the latest within 14 days after your subscription has expired.