Bondix S.A.NE – Enterpise – 200 Mbit/s

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The demand for reliable mobile Internet connection with high bandwidths continues to grow. To answer this question, Bondix Intelligence (Bondix) developed the software: Simple Aggregation of NEtworks (S.A.NE). With this software, they guarantee reliable connectivity for all applications such as voice, video and data transmission. The S.A.NE software is compatible with various routers from Teltonika Networks. Using Teltonika’s RMS platform, you can easily add the S.A.NE software to your new or current Teltonika router and take advantage of high speeds, high bandwidth, low latency, efficiency and reliability.

There are 3 Bondix license types that differ only in throughput but come with identical functionality options for large enterprises: IoT, Standard and Enterprise.

  • Teltonika WAN Bonding
  • 200 Mbit/s
  • Layer 2 Tunneling
Capestone articlenumber: BON10010 | Vendor articlenumber: BON-ENT-12


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Bondix S.A.NE – Enterpise – 200 Mbit/s

What is S.A.NE?

Bondix Intelligence works seamlessly with its customers and partners to arrive at the best solution every time; one that is both cost-effective and future-proof. The simple and efficient software solution can be installed on different platforms to enable these WAN aggregation functions. The S.A.NE software implements bonding (aggregation) of, load balancing between and seamless handover between different WAN interfaces and WAN providers. So it provides a highly available overall connection that keeps you online without interruption. S.A.NE is a modified protocol developed by Bondix. With this software you can:


  • Transport multiple data streams over any number of WAN interfaces.
  • Transport IP traffic to the cloud server endpoint.
  • Create single virtual WAN connection with high resilience and throughput.

Major advantage of the software is that it responds to changing requirements without having to invest in proprietary hardware. It can also be deployed on existing routers already in the field. Read more about Bondix in our 2-pager.

Compatible with Teltonika Networks

S.A.NE is supported on many Teltonika router models, and allows you to combine different WAN interfaces and providers for aggregation, load balancing or seamless handover. It can be installed with the click of a button and is easy to configure with a downtime of only seconds. If required, our Support Engineers can also assist you with this. Inquire about the possibilities by contacting or calling 085 111 0838.


The following routers from Teltonika Networks support Bondix’s S.A.NE software:

– Teltonika RUT240
– Teltonika RUTX Series
– Teltonika RUT950/955
– Teltonika RUT360

The benefits of Bondix

  • Increases bandwidth, coverage and reliability.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Creates redundancy at the click of a button.
  • Works with any supported router.

Start your free 7-day Bondix S.A.NE trial today!

Capestone offers you the opportunity to try Bondix S.A.NE for yourself! Leave your name, company name and email address in the contact form here, and receive your personal Bondix S.A.NE connection code to start your free 1-week trial today.

S.A.NE architecture explained

The S.A.NE architecture consists of the S.A.NE client installed on any router and the S.A.NE server / relay. The S.A.NE client combines all existing WAN interfaces into one virtual tunnel that can be set up through any type of WAN medium. The S.A.NE server serves as a relay that transmits data to the inter- or intranet.

The following example illustrates an ordinary router setting up an S.A.NE bound tunnel through multiple WAN uplinks:


There are 3 Bondix license types that differ only in throughput but come with identical functionality options for large enterprises and special applications such as bluelight organizations are available. Bondix S.A.NE Licensing is all about license credits: 1 license credit equals 1 active tunnel for a duration of 12 months.


Bondix S.A.NE IoT Bondix S.A.NE Standard Bondix S.A.NE Enterprise
Bonding throughput Up to 20 Mbit/s Up to 100 Mbit/s Up to 200 Mbit/s
Maximum number of bonded WAN links 4 4 4
Server image included (e.g. for self-hosting)


Bonding options:

  • Seamless failover: One WAN link is used, all WAN links remain connected.
  • Load balancing with seamless handover: All WAN links are used, each for a different application.
  • Bonding (WAN aggregation): All WAN links are used and their bandwidth is combined.
  • Packet duplication: Replicates data packets on two or more WAN links.
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