5G MIMO antenna

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This 5G MIMO antenna is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be easily mounted on a wall or pole. It allows you to get the maximum internet speed from your mobile router. With 2 cables of 10 meters length each. Includes bracket for fixed mounting to wall, pole or mast. This 5G antenna is suitable for frequency 700-960/1400 3dBi 1700-2700/3300-3800MHz and is also backwards compatible for 2G/3G/4G mobile networks.

  • 3-6 dBi
  • 2 x 10 meter cabel
  • SMA Male
Capestone articlenumber: ANT800001 | Vendor articlenumber: 20-0029COMNN-S10 | EAN number: 8719689231828


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5G MIMO antenna

Popular 5G antenna: also ideal for on the boat

This 5G MIMO antenna is in demand by people who want to make the most of the possibilities of their 5G router. It is robust and therefore also very suitable for use on a boat. This is the successor to the popular 4G MiMo antenna.

MIMO technology for maximum 5G speed: 2 antennas in 1 housing

MIMO stands for Multiple Input, Multiple Output. A MIMO antenna has 2 specially designed antennas in 1 housing. The 2 antennas can both transmit and receive, which allows you to optimally use the capacity of the transmission channel. Different data streams can be transmitted over the different transmitting and receiving antennas.

Channel capacity cleverly utilized by MIMO

MIMO cleverly exploits the fact that the channel capacity varies from time to time and from place to place. So with 2 transmit and receive antennas in one, you always have a better result than with 1 transmit and receive antenna (SISO: Single Input, Single Output).

Two external antenna connectors required

This MIMO antenna is suitable for 5G routers with 2 external antenna connectors for 5G.

Embedded cables: no signal loss or interference

Because the cables are embedded in this antenna, there is no connector transition and therefore no loss of signal or chance of interference from, for example, moisture.


This antenna is also known under the names internet antenna 5G, marine antenna 5G, 5G antenna boat, maritime antenna 5G, mast antenna 5G, MIMO antenna, 5G antenna fixed mount and 5G New Radio.

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Mobiele netwerken

4G, 5G



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