With our renewed 5G proposition now even more advantageous!

More and more often, we see that partners, when purchasing 4G and 5G hardware, immediately take out the data SIM cards offered by IoT Service provider Comgate. A wireless mobile Internet solution always needs a SIM card to unlock data. Precisely because of the specialization in 4G/5G hardware and connectivity, any data need with accompanying network advice can be seamlessly met, at a competitive price. Partners benefit from the expertise of Comgate and also have one point of contact and one bill.

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Mobile Broadband solutions are very popular for establishing a Wireless WAN network in places where a fixed internet connection is not possible, or does not meet the requirements. Think about internet in rural areas, wireless broadband in vehicles, or as a backup when the fixed internet connection is down. Furthermore, Capestone sees the market for 4G/5G Fixed Wireless Access steadily growing where the 4G/5G router & sim is used as the primary source of internet. Such solutions are also eagerly used in the maritime sector, for events such as the construction of Covid rapid test lanes and as part of security solutions linked to video surveillance.

To provide worry-free access to the mobile network in the Netherlands, the “Comgate 4G/5G Truly Unlimited NL” SIM card is ideal. Instead of an upgrade to 5G, this subscription is from now on standard 5G and backwards compatible with 4G. So you are fully prepared; 5G is the solution of the future. We would like to inform you about this renewed proposition in this article! Without daily limit* i.c.w. the highest data speeds available in the Netherlands. As always, our solutions are delivered in a Retail model and on request a Wholesale variant is available where the Partner gets the tools to compose high volume data bundles.

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Improved Truly Unlimited sim card and applications

Examples of Mobile Broadband Applications:

The “Comgate 4G/5G Truly Unlimited NL” offers worry-free access to the mobile network in the Netherlands. As a partner, we are happy to provide you with a number of examples of why this Mobile Broadband solution is highly suitable;

Ideally suited for use as a 4G/5G backup solution

Do you have an office, business premises or store that is connected to an xDSL or fiber optic connection and are looking for redundancy? Then do not limit your organization, turnover and your customer satisfaction by daily data limits that operators impose on a data bundle. The Comgate 4G/5G Real Unlimited NL data bundle has no daily limit, a generous FUP of 1,000GB per month and features 5G giving your organization the maximum flexibility and redundancy over the mobile network.

Temporary Internet over 4G/5G for events, relocations and pop-up stores

No time to apply for a fixed internet connection? Use this SIM card for a short period (minimum 1 month) in combination with a 4G/5G router for temporary internet solutions at any location in the Netherlands. Delivered within 24 hours, if desired with configuration, external antennas and installation on location. Check out the Capestone Temporary Internet Package.

4G/5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

At many locations in the Netherlands a fast fixed internet connection is still not always possible. For these companies a 4G/5G based solution is ideal. The Comgate 4G/5G Truly Unlimited NL offers the solution in combination with a 4G/5G router for Small/Home Office or for Enterprise.

The benefits of Comgate 4G/5G Truly Unlimited

We would like to list all the benefits of our renewed proposition “Comgate 4G/5G Really Unlimited NL” sim card:

  • Carefree access to the fastest mobile network in the Netherlands.
  • Create a total solution for your customer.
  • Future proof; suitable for 5G!
  • No daily limit.
  • FUP* of 1 TB per calendar month.
  • Additional volume discounts possible through annual agreements.
  • Can also be used as a 4G/5G Backup solution.
  • Cancellable on a monthly basis; very suitable to offer as Temporary Internet solution.
  • Available in retail & wholesale version.
  • Full technical and commercial support from Capestone and Comgate on hardware and connectivity.

The “Comgate 4G/5G Real Unlimited NL” sim card can be ordered easily via sales@capestone.com or of course via Iot Service Provider Comgate.

Request the Comgate 4G/5G Real Unlimited NL data card here

*Fair-use policy (FUP)

To ensure the affordability and availability of the solution, a fair-use policy of 1,000 GB, or 1 TB of data per month is applied. There is no daily limit, but if you use more than 1,000 GB per calendar month, you will receive a warning. Without adjusting the data usage this can result in deactivation of the SIM card by T-Mobile or by Comgate. We therefore advise you to monitor and limit your data usage in your hardware, or to purchase multiple SIM cards to divide your data usage. We have several routers in our range with which we can set this up for you. Please inquire about the possibilities at sales@comgate.io.

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