Teltonika Networks Announces End of Life for RUT240, RUT950 and RUT955

Due to component retirements, Teltonika Networks announced today that the following products are entering their end of life (EOL):

  • Teltonika RUT240
  • Teltonika RUT950
  • Teltonika RUT955

The EOL announcement means that these products have entered the final phase of the Teltonika Networks product lifecycle. However, you still have plenty of time to order these products from Capestone and receive software support from Teltonika Networks! We will guide you through the various steps of the end-of-life schedule and replacement equipment. You can read the official letter from Teltonika Networks here.

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End-of-Life Timeline

EOL Announcement – 02/01/2023
Official announcement date of the EOL.

Order end – 31.07.2023
After this date, Teltonika Networks will no longer accept orders for these products.

Production end – 31.12.2023
After this date, Teltonika Networks will no longer manufacture the products.

End of new software versions – 30.06.2024
All new RutOS enhancements, updates, and system features released before June 30, 2024 are available (with no notable exceptions) for these devices.

End of software support – 31.12.2025
Teltonika Networks will continue to provide critical security, bug fixes and other forms of support until that date.

Successor of the RUT240, RUT950 and RUT955

Teltonika Networks introduced three devices a few months ago to replace RUT240, RUT950 and RUT955. These devices offer the same functionality and reliability you expect from Teltonika Networks. We recommend the following devices:

* RUT901 will be available in Q1 2023.
** Unlike RUT955, RUT956 does not support microSD cards. If you are affected by this change, we recommend you to contact our support team to find the best replacement or solution for you.

Have questions about Teltonika Networks’ EOL announcement or replacement devices? Our specialists will be happy to help you! You can reach her by phone at (0)85 111 0838 or by email at

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