Capestone and Bondix sign distribution agreement to expand WAN Bonding in Europe

As a Wireless WAN and IoT distributor, Capestone is always looking for partners that offer services and products complementary to our own portfolio. By joining forces, total solutions can be realized to further unburden the customer. We are therefore pleased to announce today a new partnership with Bondix Intelligence. You can read more about these applications and the partnership in this article. We also offer you the opportunity to participate in our Bondix training on Tuesday, December 13 at our headquarters in Leiden.

New total solutions

Bondix Intelligence specializes in the development of WAN software solutions specifically tailored to the needs of OEMs, hardware distributors, network and Internet service providers and their end users. As the demand for reliable mobile Internet connections with high bandwidths continues to grow, Bondix Intelligence (Bondix) has developed the software: Simple Aggregation of NEtworks (S.A.NE). With this breakthrough technology, they enable ISPs, hardware vendors and manufacturers to offer – for the first time – true WAN Bonding as an add-on to their existing hardware platforms. One of the hardware manufacturers with whom the S.A.NE software is compatible is Teltonika Networks. Thus, S.A.NE can be used with various Teltonika Networks router models. Through Teltonika’s RMS platform, you can easily add the S.A.NE software to your new or current Teltonika router and take advantage of high speeds, high bandwidth, low latency, efficiency and reliability. This partnership allows Capestone to offer Bondix’s software as a complementary service with Teltonika devices to enable WAN Bonding.

Vanessa Claessen & Martin Santner

What is S.A.NE?

When you need increased throughput or secure access to remote applications, using multiple connections can usually provide the solution. These can be fixed network or wireless connections (fiber, DSL, WiFi, satellite), or a combination thereof. The tricky part of such a solution is to manage these connections as efficiently and easily as possible. With Bondix Intelligence’s unique S.A.NE software, you are assured of an “always-on” connection with optimal throughput.

S.A.NE is a simple and efficient software solution supported on many Teltonika router models. The solution allows you to combine different WAN interfaces and providers for aggregation, load balancing or seamless handover. With S.A.NE, Bondix guarantees reliable connectivity for all applications such as voice, video and data transmission. A major advantage of the software is that it can be deployed on existing routers already in the field, so you don’t have to change your hardware infrastructure.

Bondix Intelligence & Capestone partnership

In Fall 2022, Capestone and Bondix Intelligence entered into a distribution partnership for the European market. Vanessa Claessen, Global Sales Director IoT at Capestone says, “With Bondix Intelligence’s services in our portfolio, we can offer our current and new Teltonika partners complementary software solutions to enable WAN Bonding. This allows partners and end customers to enjoy increased bandwidth, coverage and reliability on their current Teltonika 4G router solution.” Vanessa continued, “With easy installation and maintenance of the software, WAN bonding can be enabled at the click of a button. This can be combined with multiple mobile connections and/or fixed line such as fiber optics. Hereby an up- and downtime can be created from a minimum of 15 Mbps on a Teltonika RUT240 up to as much as 200 Mbps on a RUTX12 or RUTX50. This offers endless possibilities for our partners.”

Martin Santner, Director Sales & Business at Bondix Intelligence
“We are tremendously excited about the new partnership with Capestone because we believe it will have an incredible impact on our joint business success in the Benelux and beyond.”
Martin Santner, Director Sales & Business at Bondix Intelligence

Licenses & free trial

There are 3 Bondix license types for the S.A.NE software: Bondix S.A.NE IoT, Bondix S.A.NE Standard and Bondix S.A.NE Enterprise. These licenses differ only in throughput.

Other specifications of the licenses:

  • Each license comes with free Bondix S.A.NE Client and Server software.
  • Each license allows the use of at least 2 S.A.NE servers to ensure the utmost reliability from the start.
  • Bondix S.A.NE Bonding is already available for many Teltonika Networks router models, with more to come.

To introduce you to Bondix and the S.A.NE software, we are now offering a free 7-day trial! Leave your details via this link and our support engineers will contact you.

Request your free 7-day S.A.NE trial
bondix sane licentie standard

Get to know Bondix S.A.NE during our Bondix training course

Are you interested in a deep dive of Bondix Intelligence technology? Tuesday, December 13 from 10:00 to 12:00 Capestone is organizing a training in cooperation with Bondix Intelligence at our headquarters in Leiden. Here Martin Santner, Director Sales & Business at Bondix Intelligence will go over the various applications, use cases and benefits of the S.A.NE software with you. We will also dive into the technology and there will be a demonstration of the Bondix S.A.NE software in combination with a Teltonika router. Would you like to learn more about Bondix technology? Then sign up for the training below and we will contact you shortly:

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