Future-proof solution for migration of analogue connections to 4G

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PSTN to 4G Gateway® is an unique total solution for the migration of analog connections to 4G. Operators and network owners are going to phase out these analog networks in the coming years to make the transition to alternatives, such as fiber. Capestone, on the other hand, offers a migration solution based on 4G. The Capestone “PSTN TO 4G GATEWAY®” consists of a combination of hardware, software and IoT connectivity solutions to receive analog signals, convert them to SIP and then transport them over a secure 4G connection. Through this gateway, companies and organizations get a secure, proven, redundant and future-proof total solution.

The ideal feature of the package is that one pays monthly in a subscription. During the term, partners benefit from service (SLA), warranty and expertise.

PSTN to 4G Gateway

“PSTN to 4G Gateway®”

There are still many Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) networks and connections in the Netherlands, and certainly in Europe. The analogue endpoint of this network is used to connect all kinds of equipment and machines. These connections are currently used for applications in elevators, barriers, alarms and voice connections. Operators and network owners have announced that they will increasingly discontinue this network service in the coming years to make the migration to fiber (such as FttH). Capestone sees a huge opportunity for partners because it is not interesting for all locations to install a fiber connection, because of the high one-time installation cost, the monthly cost or because of the location of the ISRA point within a building or office location.

The Capestone ”PSTN TO 4G GATEWAY®” provides a solution to issues of migration from analog connections to new technology. With this gateway, Capestone ensures that the existing infrastructure within a building, collective office building or other object remains intact as much as possible. The migration is carried out as simply as possible and the actual end user experiences the same qualitative service as they are used to.

PSTN Gateway Jos ouwerkerk

Total solution including hardware, connectivity, service and Cloud management

The Capestone ”PSTN TO 4G GATEWAY®” is an All-in-one solution consisting of; a built-in 4G IoT router, an ATA converter designed to connect analog devices to an IP network, an integrated 4G external antenna and features cloud management tools to remotely manage the entire solution.

Partners have a reliable solution as the gateway comes with two embedded IoT SIM cards. When the Capestone ”PSTN TO 4G GATEWAY®” is commissioned, the phone number is ported from the analog line to the SIP Trunk. This means that the phone number is converted to IP, allowing traffic to be transported over the 4G connection of the sim cards.

PSTN to 4g gateway elevator

Opportunities in the market

To this day there is no alternative solution besides fiber. “Many PSTN connections will be phased out over the next few years (often by region). However, there are still many thousands of PSTN EV lines active to which devices and systems are attached that are still crucial. Examples include old ATMs, alarm systems, voice monitoring systems in elevators, barriers, fax machines, etc. In many cases, these connections are still essential to the business, but there is not always an alternative connection available. Capestone has developed the PSTN to 4G gateway specifically for these situations, which we will be rolling out together with our partners in the coming months. This is a unique service in which we have combined our knowledge and experience of IoT, Wireless WAN and Telecommunications. Partners can distinguish themselves in the market with this service by responding to this technology”, says Jos Ouwerkerk, Managing Director Capestone.

If you would like more information about the Capestone ”PSTN to 4G Gateway®” please contact sales@capestone.nl, view our service description. 

PSTN barrier
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