Covid-19 pandemic accelerates innovation in hospitals

The COVID-19 pandemic led to the need for healthcare systems to adapt worldwide. Doctors could no longer see patients in person, so remote appointments became the norm. Also, for a time, physicians in training did not have access to classrooms and patients. For several hospitals, this disruption actually created innovation. For example, medical instructors can stream video to students outside the hospital with Smart Glasses from Vuzix. Healthcare providers can also provide real-time images of patients to physicians.

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5G unleashes digital revolution in healthcare

Although much of the world is now vaccinated, health care agencies are doubling their efforts on this technology. And with lower latency, higher capacity and more bandwidth, the advent of 5G is expected to revolutionize healthcare.

With several carriers rolling out 5G networks across Europe, there is more incentive for hospitals to equip their staff with portable displays. And the motivation isn’t just financial. Smart Glasses have a proven track record of making workers more efficient in a variety of industries.

A trinity with huge potential

Smart Glasses enable clinicians to monitor a patient in real time without the need for a face-to-face consultation. Most notably, it allows experts to treat patients remotely. Doctors no longer have to travel to save lives. Ultimately, wearable displays make health professionals more effective. It’s time to move from the clipboard to a contemporary alternative. Hospitals are about to get a productivity boost.

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