Capestone is sponsor of the Formula Student Team Delft 2022

Formula Student Team is a team consisting of excelling and motivated students from the Delft University of Technology. They design, build and race formula-style racing cars to participate in Formula SAE, the world’s largest student design competition with over 600 competing teams. It’s their goal to enhance the learning experience and change students into engineers. That’s something Capestone fully supports! Therefore we are proud and happy to be a sponsor this year. The team is provided with a Poynting antenna which they will use for the GPS and to be able to remotely analyze the car while driving.

Wednesday 19th of January at 16:00 the team presents their design of the new car: DUT22. A team of 90 students created over the past 5 months their first autonomous and manual racecar. In the presentation, they reveal the secrets behind the design, and explain why it will be capable of winning FSG. Interested to see the new design? >>

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