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Vuzix, founded in 1997, is an optics company that specializes in making smart glasses. The American company is the market leader in Augmented Reality (AR) technology, providing innovative products to defense, security, enterprise and consumer markets, for example. Vuzix’s products are industry leaders and represent more than 20 years of experience and innovation. Since 2021, Capestone has been an international distributor of Vuzix Smart Glasses and accessories.

Smart Glasses have great potential for consumers and businesses. Vuzix’s AR technology offers a perfect balance between engagement in the digital and real world thanks to its innovative optics, AI apps and 5G capabilities. Moreover, Vuzix’s AR is something that users want to be engaged with all day long, as the glasses are built with attention to comfort and style.

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Vuzix provides key market solutions for the following industries:


AR smartglasses relieve some of the pressure on the manufacturing industry, including training and continuous staff development. Consistent training can be provided through set programs.


Vuzix’s Smart Glasses improve logistics in warehouses at various levels. Checklists, picking information and video recordings for staff ensure that errors are noticed immediately, enabling a higher level of efficiency. Users benefit from having to carry less equipment and having both hands free.

Field service

Connecting with experts remotely allows employees to collaborate while away in isolated regions. People can be contacted based on their expertise rather than on-site, allowing for a smoother repair, maintenance or upgrade process.

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