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As a value added IoT distributor, Capestone supplies routers from Sierra Wireless portfolio. Sierra Wireless has an extensive range of wireless modules, 4G routers and IoT gateways complemented by secure cloud and connectivity services. Sierra Wireless has divided the 4G router portfolio into a number of categories;

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Performance Series

The Performance Series 4G routers are designed for companies that demand the maximum from a mobile internet solution for business critical applications in extremely harsh environments. These include vehicles, industrial environments and outdoor applications. These 4G routers from Sierra Wireless offer the combination of secure, mobile LTE and Wi-Fi performance, with high availability and network flexibility in a ruggedized housing.

For example, the Sierra Wireless MG90 is a true powerhouse. This 4G LTE in-vehicle router is specially developed to provide mission-critical solutions in applications in public safety, public transport and so-called in-vehicle solutions. The RV50X is an energy efficient 4G router with GPS, dual SIM and I/O ports for industrial environments and applications. The Raven RV50X has the lowest power consumption of all available industrial LTE routers. It provides reliable connectivity for the most demanding remote applications, even when solar panels are the only power source available.

Essential Series

The Essential Series routers are designed for mission-critical applications in indoor, vehicle and protected outdoor locations. They offer the most effective balance of secure, reliable LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi and WAN failover capabilities in a compact form factor.

Thus, the Sierra LX60 AirLink is Sierra Wireless’ first LTE and LTE-M / NB-IoT router for commercial and enterprise applications. The Sierra Wireless Airlink LX60 provides you with a simple solution to provide your equipment or business with a primary or backup LTE connection. The LX60 ensures that your LTE network is secure and reliable.

eSIM certified

A number of Sierra Wireless 4G routers are certified for the business eSIM. This means that one of the profiles of eSIM can be switched remotely, without the user having to physically travel to the router. This has the advantage that in case of failure of network provider A, the user can immediately switch to provider B, making the mobile internet solution extremely redundant.

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