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Iristick is a leading manufacturer of high-quality smart glasses that enable hands-free communication and real-time information exchange for the deskless workforce. The company offers high-quality remote assistance solutions, step-by-step workflow guidance, pick-by-vision and artificial intelligence to increase efficiency in any industry. The award-winning Iristick smart glasses are the most balanced and lightweight on the market and work seamlessly with both iOS and Android smartphones. Iristick smart glasses are currently being used and tested by customers around the world in various sectors. Together with our software and distribution partners, we strive to deliver the highest quality solutions for remote assistance, step-by-step workflow guidance, pick-by-vision and artificial intelligence. Based in Antwerp (Belgium) and New York (USA), Iristick supports customers worldwide.

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Iristick offers important market solutions for the following sectors:

Field Services

With Remote assist and the use of a Smart Glass, the roles of the field staff are changing. The field operator is now empowered to perform much more advanced troubleshooting. Using the smart glass camera and zoom lens in a location, a remote expert can provide real-time instructions and guidance so that the problem is solved more quickly and correctly.

Remote assistance also makes it possible to make an initial diagnosis of a service incident and determine the best intervention strategy. When a technician visit is deemed necessary, technicians can use visual inspections to ensure they are fully prepared for each visit, with full knowledge of the problem and all the correct spare parts and maintenance tools.


By equipping surgeons with smart glass, medical device representatives can see what a surgeon sees and provide immediate feedback or advice remotely. In the emergency room or intensive care unit, staff can ask for help or talk to staff in another room without picking up the phone or moving from one location to another. This allows them to always use both hands and avoid contamination from picking up a phone.


Routine maintenance of industrial equipment is vital for occupational safety, business continuity and legal compliance. Production operators who perform their tasks using smart glasses on machine maintenance processes can easily access the checklists or standard operating procedures using voice commands and follow the next steps or data on the screen of their smart glasses. That allows them to carry out their maintenance work hands-free, making it safer, faster and to the highest standards.

Predictive condition-based maintenance is proven to reduce unexpected failures and extend equipment life. Using smart glasses for inspections unlocks the right amount of information for the maintenance teams.

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