Camera surveillance solutions

In several process and/or safety-related installations, a stable network connection is crucial and a regular wired connection is not possible. For example, with security cameras on board transport vehicles or mobile camera masts where no wired network connections have yet been installed. Hikvision and Wireless Wan & IoT distributor Capestone are starting a partnership to ensure that every location can be provided with a stable wireless network, so that a stable and guaranteed continuous security of an object or location is never compromised. This collaboration offers partners full support in sectors such as surveillance, transport and in the Industry sector.

Technology Partnership

Hikvision is a worldwide leading provider of IoT solutions with video as its core competency. The company believes that close collaboration with an ecosystem of partners is necessary to further accelerate innovation and development in the security industry while ensuring maximum value for customers. Rolf van den Hoek, Business Development Manager Industry, Transport and Fire Prevention at Hikvision Benelux: “With our collaboration with Capestone, we strengthen each other within various industries. When we advise our cameras and/or thermal imaging cameras at locations without (available) infrastructure or for/at mobile objects and/or vehicles, Capestone’s product range and service portfolio, the knowledge and the right advice offer a solution for a well-functioning total solution.” The products and services of Capestone and Hikvision are complementary. Partners will be supported by both companies in fulfilling customer needs. “Together we can fully support the partner channel in projects where a wireless mobile internet connection is a requirement for the security of a location or object at a distance,” says Barbara Mulder Marketing Director.

4G and 5G solutions

Capestone offers both 4G and 5G Wireless Wan solutions that are fully integrated with the Hikvision product portfolio. This way, users always have fast and secure access to the internet. Capestone is currently the only distributor of a complete 5G router portfolio in the Netherlands for various applications, such as 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), 5G for Enterprises, primary internet for business users, companies and public institutions, or for vehicles, outdoor and small offices.

Connection to the Cloud

The stable and secure 4G or 5G internet connection that is available everywhere, even in rural areas, ensures easy data transfer of important (image) information to the cloud. New technologies such as AI, Edge Computing and Machine Learning are also making 4G/5G routers smarter, allowing collected data via an IoT SIM to be sent securely to a private, hybrid or public cloud.

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